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Odo-rite freshener 100ml

Odo-rite freshener 100ml

₹399.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
  • Odo-Rite is an all natural bio-active solution that eliminates odour in a single use when sprayed at the source of offending odour.
  • It begins working in 30 seconds and continues working for more than 12 hours, till all of the odour producing compounds in the organic material are broken down without producing odour.
  • Odo-Rite Natural Home Freshener is proven skin safe, and is kind to the environment. Fully bio-degradable fact aids bio-degradation of other organic use.
  • Odo-Rite works on many surfaces: tiles, plastic, wood, glass, metal, marble, carpet, linen and more. It works on the most difficult kinds of odour: spilt milk, used mops, musty clothes, bathroom urinals, kitchen sink, soiled diapers etc.
  • One usage (4-6 sprays) will last up to 24 hours on odour control.

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