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Meet The Team

Hari Narayanan 

Paw Paw 1

I grew up a single child and was lucky enough to find a sibling in Julie, our golden retriever who my parents brought home after much nagging. Soon, Julie became a part, not only of our immediate family but, of our extended family as well. Our relatives and guests loved her so much that even today, more than 30 years after Julie left us, they fondly recall the beautiful memories she graced us with. 


Having Julie in my life was indeed a blessing. If she was with us today, I think we could have taken even better care of her, thanks to the advancement in our knowledge and ability to look after pets. Yet there is still one gap that concerns me - the use of harmful chemicals to keep our homes hygienic. We tend to use powerful chemicals because they are convenient, but they result in exposing us and our pets to harmful toxins. 

This is precisely why we set out to create products that are both accessible and pet-safe. We manufacture our products through microbial culture and none of our products have chlorine. Odo-Rite helps you maintain a hygienic and pet-friendly home in a way that the environment loves.


K.A. Srinivasan

Paw Paw 2

You know how a certain smell takes you back to a particular period of your life or brings to mind a specific memory? Every scent is unique and tells a story about a particular place. Yet, more often than not, most of us resort to using air fresheners to make our ambiance smell better.


Being someone who has worked in various industries including paints and chemicals, I understand the difference between natural and synthetic air fresheners. It is vital to know that synthetic chemical fragrances are not only harmful to breathe, but mask bad odours instead of removing them. Not to mention the harmful effects of exposure to dangerous chemicals. This is a concern we wanted to address, this is where we felt the need for a product of science. 


Odo-Rite comes as a breath of fresh air in controlling bad smell, as it does not just mask the foul smell but removes the cause of the bad odour. As a person who has always wanted to give back to the environment, I believe that Odo-Rite is more than just a brand, it is a step into a more conscious way of living.

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