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  • Where can I use Odo-Rite?
    Odo-Rite being a natural microbiology product can be used safely in any place there is a foul smell. Generally Odo-Rite can be used in bathrooms, car mats, garbage bins, shoe racks, door mats / carpets, cupboards, under kitchen sink etc. More specifically Odo-Rite is formulated to control the odors produced by protein degradation in human excretion (Urine, Stools, Sweat, Vomit) and other organic waste.
  • How to use Odo-Rite?
    Odo-Rite is a liquid product and should be sprayed on the floors / source of odor. Shake well before each use. If the product does not spray, ensure the product is held vertically upright and try. Spray should resume. Spray 3-5 times directly into the area where it smells. For external use only. Use in well-ventilated rooms away from sleeping areas. For adult use only Please read precautions and First Aid statements on the product label. If swallowed, IMMEDIATELY call a physician. If get contact with eyes directly, IMMEDIATELY rinse eyes with water. Remove any contact lenses and continue rinsing eyes for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, get medical attention. If on skin, wash with soap and water. Discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and get medical attention if a reaction develops.
  • Does Odo-Rite contains any acids/alcohols?
    No. Odo-Rite does not contain any kind of acids or alcohol. It is a natural product. It is a microbial culture with added fragrance.
  • How long does the smell lasts?
    The smell lasts for around 3-4 hours in a restricted environment like bathroom, car mats and cupboards and 1-2 hours in an open environment like kitchen and shoe rack. However the fragrance is only for pleasing effect. Unlike other air fresheners, Odo-Rite does not mask smells through the fragrance. The product works through microbiology to convert smelly substances in waste to odorless and harmless gases such as nitrogen. So Odo-Rite is hard at work, even when you don’t smell its fragrance. Apply regularly or when you encounter bad smells.
  • How long does one bottle of Odo-Rite lasts?
    A 200 ml of Odo- Rite lasts for 45-60 days as per regular usage. Up to 600 sprays More than 100 uses 3-5 sprays per use
  • I want to use Odo-Rite in institutions. Do Odo-Rite have an institutional pack?
    Yes. Odo-Rite have an institutional pack to serve different institutions. Please contact us to get the best deals for you.

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