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Bird litter spray 200 ML

Bird litter spray 200 ML

₹325.00 Regular Price
₹249.00Sale Price

Our bird litter spray contains beneficial bacteria and is strong enough to combat that unpleasant odour. It eliminates odours at their source, leaving your bird's space smelling safe and fresh. It is completely biodegradable and contains no harsh chemicals.

  • Is there anything sweeter than the little song your birdie sings to you early in the morning? It just makes your day, doesn’t it? Here’s what will just make their day. Our bird litter spray is armed with beneficial bacteria and is powerful enough to fight that strong odour from pigeon litter and bird living spaces. It removes bad odour from its source and leaves your bird’s home smelling safe and fresh. It has zero harsh chemicals and is completely biodegradable. Choose Odo-Rite and give your bird a loving environment.

  • How to use: 

    • Shake it off!

    • Hit the bad guys where it hurts!

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