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Top 5 songs that you will want to play to your dog in repeat mode

Songs are a way of expressing life for both the artists and the listeners. They also play a vital role in lifting our moods. Since so many of us share our lives with our furry friends, we might need some great tracks which are perfect for that Friday doggy date night with your best friend.

Shakespeare said, “If music is the food of love, play on.” He probably wasn’t thinking about dogs when he wrote this line, and yet countless songs celebrate the pleasure of living with a dog. Here's a playlist of songs you can listen to with your dog.

1. “Just a dog” by Mo Pitney

‘Just a dog’ is one of the amazing launches on #MoMusicMonday. It was written by Mo Pitney, a dog lover, and an avid bird dog trainer.

2. “My best friend” by Heidi Winzinger

This song was written and performed by Heidi Winzinger, along with her friends and their dogs. The lyrics of this song portray the relationship we share with our dog.

3. “Song my dog wrote” by Brenden Biondi

This is the debut album of Brenden Biondi, written from the perspective of his dog.

4. “Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” by Jane Siberry

Jane Siberry is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She wrote this playful love song for her pet.

5. “Martha my dear” by The Beatles

No, this song is not about a girlfriend. Martha was an old English sheepdog owned by Paul McCartney and was the inspiration for this song.

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