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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors – Indian version

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

We all know how crucial it is to keep our beloved pets engaged and entertained as dog owners. Yet, keeping your dog engaged and active indoors can be difficult, especially during the monsoon or winter months in India. But don't worry, there are plenty of enjoyable things you can do with your dog that include only common home items and an obstacle course and use natural pet care products for you and your furry friend can have a healthy environment This blog will discuss ten simple techniques to keep your dog entertained inside.

1. Design an Obstacle Course: Obstacle courses are a favourite among dogs! At home, you may make a simple obstacle course out of household items such as chairs, cushions, and cardboard boxes. To increase the challenge for your dog, arrange them in different patterns and heights. Encourage your dog to jump, crawl, and weave through the obstacles. It's a great way to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated.

2. Hide and Seek: Dogs have a keen sense of smell and like using it to locate concealed treats or toys. You can play hide and seek with your dog by hiding goodies or toys around the home and encourage him to discover them. It's an excellent method to keep your dog entertained and mentally challenged.

3. Train Your Dog New Tricks: Dogs love to please their owners and learn new tricks. Your dog can learn new skills such as "shake hands," "turn over," and "play dead." It's a terrific method to keep your dog mentally stimulated while also strengthening your bond with him.

4. Tug of War: Dogs enjoy playing tug of war. To play tug of war with your dog, use a rope or a soft toy. It's an excellent method to keep your dog physically active and relieve stress. Set Ground Rules: It is critical to create ground rules when playing tug of war with your dog so that it does not devolve into an aggressive game. Train your dog to release the toy on demand, and make sure they realise you're in charge of the game. Items that are specifically created for tug of war, such as rope toys or rubber toys, should be used. Avoid using non-play things, such as shoes or socks, since this might confuse your dog and lead to inappropriate chewing behaviour.

5. Create DIY Toys: You may make DIY toys out of household things such as old t-shirts, socks, and plastic bottles. To make tug toys, cut the t-shirts and socks into strips and braid them. Fill the plastic bottles halfway with treats and leave it to your dog to find out how to get them out. It's an excellent method to keep your dog entertained and mentally challenged.

6. Play Fetch: Fetch is a popular pastime among dogs. Indoors, you can play fetch with your dog using soft toys or tennis balls. It's an excellent method to keep your dog physically and intellectually active. Choose an Appropriate Toy. When playing fetch with your dog, it is critical to utilise an appropriate toy. A ball or a frisbee are common options, but make sure the toy is suitable for your dog's size and breed. Employ Positive Reinforcement - To urge your dog to return the toy to you, use positive reinforcement. When your dog returns the toy, praise them and reward them with a treat or a tug of war game.

7. Play with Puzzle Toys: Puzzle toys are an excellent method to keep your dog mentally occupied. You can purchase puzzle toys at pet stores or make your own out of cardboard boxes and rewards. Hide treats inside the boxes and leave it up to your dog to figure out how to get them out.

8. Have a Training Session: Training sessions are an excellent method to keep your dog mentally busy while also improving their behaviour. You may teach your dog simple instructions such as "sit," "stay," and "come." It's an excellent approach to develop your bond with your pet and enhance their behaviour.

9. Play the Shell Game: Dogs enjoy games that stretch their thinking. Play the shell game with your dog by hiding a reward under one of three cups and encourage him to find it. It's a great method to keep your dog brain busy and help them solve problems.

10. Massage Your Dog: Dogs like massages just as much as humans do. You can massage your dog using gentle strokes and circular motions. It's a wonderful way to bond with your pet and help them relax.

Finally, there are numerous techniques to keep your dog occupied and active indoors in an Indian form. Playing games, building obstacle courses, or teaching your dog new tricks are all activities that will keep him cognitively and physically occupied. You can give hours of fun for your dog and build your bond with them by using household items and a little imagination. Therefore, think outside the box, have fun, and keep your dog happy and healthy!

Is it okay if I leave my dog alone for 24 hours?

Leaving your dog alone for 24 hours can be a difficult circumstance for both you and your canine companion. While it is normal to leave your dog alone for a long amount of time, it is critical to ensure that your dog's requirements are addressed and that they remain safe and comfortable. To begin, it is critical to highlight that leaving your dog alone for 24 hours should only be done in an emergency and not on a regular basis. Dogs are social animals that demand human interaction, physical activity, and cerebral stimulation. Leaving children alone for an extended period of time might result in boredom, anxiety, and sadness.

Some tips on leaving your dog alone for a day:

• Provide Sufficient Food and Water: Your dog should always have access to clean and fresh water. Provide enough food for your dog to last the entire 24 hours, and consider using an automatic feeder to guarantee they get their meals on time.

• Safeguard the Environment: Ensure that your dog is in a secure and comfortable setting. Consider utilising a box or a specific room that your dog is used to. Make sure your dog cannot access any potential hazards, such as electrical cables, sharp items, or dangerous substances. Make sure its clean and neat. Use Pet area freshener to make them feel better.

• Mental Stimulation: Leaving your dog alone for a lengthy amount of time can induce boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviour. Toys, puzzles, or chew toys that will keep your dog active and mentally stimulated should be left for them.

• Enlist Assistance: If possible, consider asking a friend or family member to check on your dog during the day. You can also hire a professional pet sitter to keep your dog company and assure their safety and comfort.

• Think about Doggie Day-care: Doggy day-care is a great choice for dogs who need human interaction and socialisation. Many canine day-care facilities have extended hours, allowing your dog to mingle and exercise while you are gone.

Finally, leaving your dog alone for 24 hours should only be done in an emergency, and you should take all required precautions to protect your furry friend's safety and comfort. To keep your dog happy and healthy while you're gone, provide appropriate food and water, protect the area, make it clean and odour free, provide mental stimulation, enlist help, and explore doggie day-care. Remember that dogs are social animals who want human interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation, so it's critical to meet their requirements even when you're not around.

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