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Woof woof and welcome! Who am I? I have four legs, a constantly wagging tail, and the most adorable eyes! And In the Odorite family, I'm the favourite child! I'm here, my dear human, to guide you through this journey with Odorite. The Destination? A clean, odour free space, for the safety and happiness of your pets! And you don't have to catch a train or plane to get there, just a spray of our products, for the best of pet care!

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Odo-Rite believes in curating eco-friendly products that help pet parents build cleaner and happier homes. Pet parenting has come a long way from ‘owning’ a pet to the pet becoming a beloved child, and we understand that. Being pet parents ourselves, we know the hard work that goes into maintaining a clean home with four-legged children around. That is how Odo-Rite was born, with a vision to strike a harmonious balance between our love for pets and maintaining a hygienic home.

Why Odorite?

Less carbon pawprint

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Tested and approved by four-legged detectives

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Nasty chemicals stay away

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Good bacteria saves the day

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Easy on the sniff buds

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Wait wait! Listen to what our parents have to say!

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Amazon Customer

Really a very nice product... I tried different ways to control my dog smell inside my house. But couldn't completely get rid off.. Then one of my friend suggested odi rite... So bought it and tried... The aroma is so nice and very mild.. now the smell of my dog is fully vanished... Best part is its not harmful for pets... I strongly recommend this product...


Jaideep Khanduja

It is a specially designed deodorant. It's for removing the typical pet odours from their most frequent rest areas in the rooms thus reviving back the normal cheerful conditions for all.



This product is amazing... I actually bought it blindly and didn't have to regret at all.... Smell is awesome... Has a light aqua floral smell which doesn't irritate my nose at all (I am allergic to strong smell) and my ShihTzu puppy doesnt get irritated at all... I have already finished one bottle and has bought a bigger one....

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