Natural Air Freshener For Home and Office

Odor remover for garbage bins and kitchen

Odor free garbage cans & kitchen

odor remover for car mats and car seats

Eliminates smells from seats and foot mats of cars.

Shoe smell remover / deodorizer

shoes/socks and shoe rack smell remover.

remove damp smell from air conditioned rooms

Pleasant feel in Air conditioned spaces

remove bad smell from pet areas

Fresh smelling pet areas

Freedom from Stinky Toilets and bathrooms

Freedom from Stinky Toilets & bathrooms

What is ODO-RITE?

ODO-RITE is a novel natural air freshener spray to keep the toughest odors away. A “Made in India”, chemical free product with microbial formula freshens up all smelly indoor and outdoor spaces to make them pleasant. It can help you bid goodbye to those stinky bathrooms, terribly offending toilets and the foul smelling garbage cans in the kitchens. ODO-RITE can also be used to remove sweaty smell from shoe racks. It can be effectively used in musty vents of air conditioners, the foul-smelling pet areas and much more. Make your car travel even more pleasant by a gentle whiff of ODO-RITE.

Worried about the upholstery fabric and carpets? OR Are you annoyed by that constantly stinking lobby at the workplace?

ODO-RITE is the best eco-friendly and natural air freshener spray which fights the odors from and enlivens the spaces by leaving back a mild lingering fragrance. Odo-Rite is from the house of Ram-Nath a business with 75 years of Trust and Reliability.


Novel Microbial Action

What makes this ready to use spray even more desirable is that it doesn’t just mask the odor but it eliminates the odor at its source. As surprising as it is, this natural air freshener by its unique microbial composition decomposes the waste organically and releases neutral gases. ODO-RITE has all natural ingredients and is safe for homes, children and pets.

Odo-Rite works on micro biological action
Odo-Rite research based product

Research Based Product

The very thought of natural living triggered the composition of ODO-RITE. An extensive study of microbiology and the organic degradation has led to overwhelming results making it an absolute essential for every home and offices.

Safe and Eco Friendly

Odo Rite is a natural and chemical free formulation for air freshener, but other Artificial Air freshener contains toxic chemicals like Formaldehyde, which results in chronic asthma. They are also fire hazards. Odo Rite is safe for humans and environment. Say NO to harmful chemicals and switch to ODO-RITE. Odo Rite is a natural deodorizer and can be used for home or office. It is safe for asthmatics. Our unique 2-in-1 action eliminates smells and leaves behind a mild fragrance..

Happy Safe Living with Odo Rite.

Made in India

ODO-RITE is proudly Made in India, and fuels national missions such as StartUp India.

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