ODORITE – Home Freshener – Classic (5 litre)

2,599.00 Incl. Tax

  • Deep action odor remover and deo for home
  • Removes the musty smell from upholstery and closed A/C rooms
  • Long lasting. Perfume lasts for several hours
  • Natural microbiology product.
  • Contains No Alcohol and no harsh chemicals
  • Bio Degradable and Environment friendly and completely safe

Fragrance : Felicity (Classic)

Can be used to eliminate odor from

  1. Indoor A/C rooms
  2. Toilets
  3. Shoe racks / Shoes & Socks
  4. Kitchen garbage
  5. Floor carpets and fabric sofas
  6. Door mats and car mats
  7. Helmets

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Weight 5 kg