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5 ways to keep your pet healthy during the monsoon

After months of scorching summer, the arrival of the monsoon has become a much-needed relief from the heat. However, the more we enjoy the season, the more it can be tough and stressful for our four-legged pals. For one, walkies and wetlands don’t go together. Then there is a risk of them getting water-borne diseases and infections. Therefore, we need to take special care of them, especially during the monsoon season.

To make this monsoon season more pleasant for your pet, we have shared a few precautionary measures which will help you to ensure your pet is healthy, happy, and safe.

5 ways to keep your pet healthy during the monsoon
Ways to keep your pet healthy during the monsoon

1. Regular grooming and deworming:

It is necessary to groom and deworm your pets regularly, despite the seasons. But why is it so important to do the same in the monsoon season? The humidity level of the air is high during the monsoon season, which leads to the formation of smelly coats on your pet’s skin. This, in turn, becomes the breeding place for bacteria and germs. This can also cause various monsoon-related illnesses for your pets. The best way to fight this is to make sure that you stay up to date with your pet’s deworming and grooming sessions. Remember, it is always important to learn a few grooming techniques so that you’ll never miss a schedule.

2. Never compromise on a healthy diet:

As your pets are more prone to bacterial and fungal infections in the monsoon season, it is important to make sure that their immunity is on point. Give your pets protein and fiber-rich foods which help to maintain their immunity level. Do not leave your pet’s food in the open air as it will get contaminated. Feeding your pet with freshly cooked food and boiled water is always recommended.

3. Indulge in indoor activities:

Generally, your pets feel lazy during the monsoon season. You should not entertain your pets lying around and being lazy. Indulge them in regular exercise and physical activities as it keeps your pet energetic and improves blood circulation. A wet play area and continuous showers should never be a reason for not letting your pet play/exercise. You can always indulge in indoor activities like hiding and seek with a treat or letting them run up and down the stairs.

4. Keep your pet and their space dry:

The moist in the atmosphere is at an all-time high during this time of the year. Even when there is no rain and you are taking your pet for a walk, there is a chance that their fur might get wet. Make sure you pat them dry with a towel after every walk. It is also important to keep their sleeping areas dry and keep them far away from the windows where they can catch the mist from the rain.

5. Comfort them during thunderstorms:

Naturally, our pets feel discomfort during lightning and thunderstorms. But it is equally important to act appropriately during such situations. Let your pet run and find a safe place. To make it better, leave a few toys in your dog’s safe space for it to cuddle with and relieve anxiety. Never hug or cuddle your pet during such situations, as this action will only reinforce its fear. Instead, engage with your pet normally with the activities they enjoy, like grooming or playing.

With these expert tips, you can make sure your pup stays healthy and happy throughout the monsoon season! We wish you and your furry baby a happy monsoon.


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