Wondering what are we talking about? Well, it is about diapers and their effects on the child and the environment. A few weeks back, we had posted the essential points and the challenges of disposable diapers. Today we will be doing an all-round analysis of cloth diapers.

Advantages of cloth diapers:

  1. They are reusable. Washing them is not big of a task; all you need to do is empty the diaper and throw it in the washing machine.
  2. They are quite an environment-friendly solution when compared to the landfill caused by disposable diapers.
  3. They have a one-time purchase requirement, saving parent’s from buying bags and bags of disposable diapers.
  4. It gives more breathability to the baby’s nether regions when compared to disposable diapers.

Now, on to the disadvantages of Cloth diapers:

  1. By constant reusing of cloth diapers, babies tender skin becomes quite rough and prone to rashes.
  2. Every cloth diaper differs in terms of the fibres, the cover cloth, and so on.
  3. The diaper inserts are also made of different type of materials like hemp, bamboo, microfibers, and so on. Absorbency factor depends upon the type of material used in the insert.
  4. It becomes quite leaky due to constant reuse and soils both the child and the bed.
  5. When the baby is cleaned continuously with soap and water, then it affects the child’s health
  6. You have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the ‘T’ to extract the maximum efficacy of the cloth diapers.
  7. Sometimes, removing the smell will be quite a headache.

get rid of diaper smell

Recently, a study conducted by an American university has found out that babies wearing diapers for more prolonged periods affects their gait. It also impairs the motor development of the child.

The study studied three segments of children within the following environment:

  1. The baby was naked
  2. The baby was wearing a thin, disposable diaper and
  3. Another baby is wearing a cloth diaper.

The naked baby was able to walk with its natural gait, whereas the other two had a very noticeable difference in gait. The babies wearing a diaper had a noticeable gap between the thighs and were prone more to fall.

This difference was attributed to the heaviness of the cloth and disposable diaper hanging from the baby’s hip. The weight causes swinging and tip the child off balance. Many researcher’s advice that is going back to the 19th century of parenting of babies is beneficial for the child.

Choosing a cloth or disposable diaper is the personal choice of parents. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons of both diapers, along with 19th-century parenting techniques.

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