We, as pet owners, often experience the “Doggie smell” typical to our homes. In most cases, it would be that your pet has rolled in some strong odour or has got into a fight with a filthy animal. Rolling is said to be a natural behaviour of dogs to mask their scents or scratch their backs. However, there are some scenarios and causes as to why does your dog smell.

Scenario#1 Wet dog smell

When you are playing with your dog outdoors or getting soaked in the rain, we often feel a distinctive odour rising from your pet. This is because of the bacteria and yeast build-up in your dog’s fur. Dry fur does not generate smell, but once the coat gets wet, the stinky compounds are released, leading to a rotten dog smell.

Remedy!   Giving a thorough bath after is the better way to get rid of the smell.

Scenario#2 Dental Problems

The second most common cause of dog smell is dental problems. In case your pet has diabetes; it triggers the production of ketones, a hormone that secretes a distinctive odour. Sudden onset of odour also might be the result of teeth infections or kidney failure

Remedy! Take your pet to the vet immediately.

Scenario#3 Skin problems

Why does my dog smell

Many dogs breeds such as pugs, bulldog, cocker spaniel, are known for the skin folds. These folds are prone to skin fold dermatitis, a nasty skin disorder that is well-known for stinky dog smell. Other than these breeds, dogs are generally prone to skin disorders when they have prolonged exposure to the following:

  • Dampness
  • Allergies and
  • Hormonal disorders

Remedy! Use baby wipes or pet wipes to clean your pet folds in regular intervals

Scenario#4 Problems in the Anal Sac

Why does my dog smell

Known as anal glands or anal sacs, these sacs are located on either side of your dog’s anus. They are lined with glands that fill up with a foul-smelling substance. The dog generally secretes it. But, if the anal glands are infected, the dogs may expel a brownish material that smells far worse than faeces. Pollen allergies are one of the known causes of anal sac problems.

Remedy! Visit the doctor immediately when you notice the problems.

Tips for keeping  your dog clean:

  • Regular bathing and grooming are essential as it helps in minimising its normal body odour.
  • Regularly combing of hair during your pet shedding time will help in getting rid of dead hair and skin cells.
  • If your dog has skin folds or long hair, then ensure cleaning is done regularly to remove the food particles.

That being said, this dog smell is not only detrimental to your pets but also your home. Use an eco-friendly and bio-degradable solution like Odo-Rite pet area freshener to remove the smell. One of the best advantages of Odo-Rite is that it is perfectly safe for pets and has no harmful chemicals.


Caution! Never spray any room freshener or body deodorant directly on to the pet’s body. It is detrimental to their health, especially their skin.

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