Unlike dogs, cats have a bit of a different temperament. They do not take kindly to new surroundings, people and are territorial by nature. Cats prefer established routines, favorite places to nap, and favored toys. Even specific smells, sounds, and routine mealtimes are some of the vices of a cat.

However, these adorable qualities of the pet can be a problem when planning a vacation. Even though it is possible to take your cat on vacation, there are pre and post-vacation checks that will make staying at home a better option.

So, here are some alternatives that will help in making holidays easier for you and your pet:

Kitty Sleepovers:

An option that aids in boarding your pet feline will be kitty sleepovers. Leaving them in a friend’s place for a couple of days before you leave for vacation is an excellent way to see how they adjust to the sleepover. If your cat is sociable and loves company, this alternative will work well.

However, before sending them for the sleepover, it is vital that your pet gets all the up-to-date vaccines. These vaccines will protect them from any potential health hazard at the boarder’s place.

Professional boarding options:

Leaving your cats with your vet or engaging a professional cat boarding services are one of the options available. However, before, it is crucial that you look out for some points:

  1. Cleanliness of the boarding facility
  2. Exercise options available for the pet
  3. Food, nutrition, and so on.

Leaving them at home:

Cats are well-known for their fierce streak of independence but are susceptible to anxiety attacks if left alone for more than 24 hours. This is one of the primary reasons as to why leaving them home requires a pet sitter or a friend checking up on them at least twice a day. The sitter can interact with your pet and observe any changes in their demeanor. More than changing the litter box and feeding, the person in charge, should spend some quality time with the pet.

At the same time, leaving a note to sitter detailing about your cat’s habits, preferences and so on. This note will give the sitter a heads-up in handling the cat. Sometimes, leaving a small part of you will even help in keeping your little one calm. Meaning, leave some towels or any small clothing with your scent in sealable bags. Ask your sitter, to place one scented item everyday in your cat’s favorite hangout spots. It helps in avoiding the sense of abandonment.

How to keep your pet safe while you are on vacation?

We recommend Odo-Rite to keep your feline companion safe from the harmful effects of chemicals. It helps in maintaining the familiar scent of your home, without releasing any overbearing fragrances that can cloud your cat’s keen sense of smell.

It also comes with a host of benefits such as:

  • Close to neutral ph.
  • The Ingredients are safe for people, pets, and the planet.
  • It is free of disinfectants and harmful substances that could cause damage to health with repeated exposure.
  • It is bio-degradable and non-toxic.

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