Stinky car seats, musty carpets, unwashed curtains, pet odour, forgotten garbage and what not? These are some of the never ending-causes of smell we face in our daily lives. However, they cannot even create the smallest tremor in the land of Odo-Rite.

Here are some unexpected uses of Odo-Rite that even the wildest imagination could not conjure:

Sweaty to sweet:

Have a sweaty gym-bag that stinks no matter what, then just a spray Odo-Rite to get rid of the smell. Carry a handy bottle of the ever-trusty Odo-rite in your bag always to stay fresh no matter the place.

Train to SUV:

Feel like riding on a subway train? Are you enjoying the memories of public transportation in your car? Just spray Odo-Rite Home freshener in your car seat and enjoy a bout of freshness instantly.

Forgotten garbage:

Forgot your share of chores to take the trash out? Then, just give your garbage bag a whiff of Odo-Rite home freshener to wipe away the rotten smell.

Son’s Jacket:

Tired of school jackets smelling like spilled dal and rice, no matter what? Spray Odo-Rite and then wash the school clothes to get rid of the smell completely.

Messed up carpets:

Are you a pet parent? Teaching your puppy toilet training but the little one has accidentally messed up your carpets and is looking innocent? No worries, spray Odo-Rite on the pee-pee stain and be smell-free

Adult children:

If you are using adult diapers at home, the smell is an apparent renter. Worry no more! Spray Odo-Rite and clean your home using Odo-Rite floor cleaner to make the germs go bye-bye.

After mop smell:

Home smells musty even after wiping the floor? Did you check the mop head? They tend to smell after constant use due to the chemicals and floor’s dust. Spray Odo-Rite after wiping your home. Better yet, Use Odo-Rite home cleaner solution to clean your abode.

Welcome Worries:

We may be nose blind when it comes to our home, but our guests aren’t!  Spray Odo-Rite all over your welcome mats and other floor mats inside the home. Turn your home into the lush garden in seconds.

Bathroom worries:

Don’t like your bathroom after the aftermath of your shower? Spray Odo-Rite onto the shower curtains and little near the bathroom window for a fresh waft of breeze all around.

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