This is a question that often plagues our mind when we feel the comforting presence of our pets. Our pets have the knack of understanding our feelings so well. Often they have a way of bringing us back to a good mood even before we sense the trouble brewing within.

This is an experience that every pet parent is intimately familiar and adore as well. Over the ages, we have tried to decipher and document these reactions of our comrade in arms. Even, many poets, writers, and researchers have documented these emotions through many mediums, including the poetic format.

Today’s post of Odo-Rite brings forth an excerpt of an article that details about this subject;

We can never fully know the mind of another, be they human or other animal. Many animals and especially dogs exhibit several human like emotions such as curiority, surprise, fear, anger and love. But what about other emotions such as empathy or sarcasm? Do dogs experience such feelings ?

Though we are not always great at naming which behavior indicates what emotion, the wide array of different behaviors and postures of dogs tells us about their internal states.

We glance at dogs and conclude we know what they’re feeling, but our haste to make such conjecture on little evidence — and inability to read a dog’s emotions when they are displayed — is profound. While we are poor readers of a dog’s emotions, dogs seem to be excellent readers of ours. 

Research indicates that the “guilty look” we so often perceive in dogs is not an indication of a dog’s guilt over a misbehaviour but of having registered that the owner is angry or about to get angry, independent of whether or not the dog has done something guilt-worthy.

Our inability to read dogs’ emotions well probably begins with our inability to understand our own emotions well. We assume dogs are not only in the room with us, but sharing a mind similar with humans.

 “You can never know anyone as completely as you want. But that’s okay, love is better.” – Caroline Paul, Author of Lost Cat.

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The content in this blog is extracted from Brain Picking review of the book ‘Our dogs Ourselves ’ by Alexandra Horowitz.