Dogs always have an urge to chew. Chewing is a natural instinct for puppies and gets stronger when they grew up and is present throughout their lifespan. Providing something for dogs to munch on is also an essential part of dog care. Here are the benefits you should know about them.

Dog chew promotes oral health

Dental disease is dangerous for dogs. Keeping dogs teeth and gums clean is a bit tedious if you are in a busy lifestyle.By opting for chew toys, you can keep up for pet’s dental health.Chewing is a necessary workout for the dog’s jaw muscles.It helps keep the teeth smooth. Grinding their teeth with chew toys also avoid their teeth becoming yellow. Chewing aids in fighting off plaque problems in canines.

Chewing maintains fresh breath

Just like a human, the build-up of plaque and tartar lead to the development of bacteria resulting in bad breath. If the dog is not a natural chewer and the absence of regular brushing will damage their oral hygiene.Providing your dog with plenty of chew toys helps them take care of their teeth naturally.

Dog treats vary on their behaviour

Puppies do not face problems in earlier stages due to the absence of teeth. However, they eventually require treats and toys to maintain their oral hygiene. If your pet is an aggressive chewer who goes through the edible chews in mere minutes, then they need durable chew toys. Pets who are quite delicate by nature or adverse allergic to edible chews can be given treats that do not have any added salt, sugar, or preservatives.

Unwanted chewing habit

Raw bones are a  fantastic source of minerals and nutrients. Sometimes, many dogs exhibit destructive behaviours like excessive self-licking, scratching, and restlessness.In this case, giving them raw bones to chew can aid in diverting their attention from these destructive behaviours. It provides a slew of health and wellness advantages. It also reinforces a positive chewing habit in the dog.

Train dogs to chew well

To inculcate a good chewing habit, provide the dog with “toy box” containing the chew toys. Train the dog to fetch these toys and encourage chewing them. Once this pattern is imbibed in your pet’s training routine, and will also soon become your pet’s favored pastime.

Prevents dogs from destroying things

Like humans, dogs have different personalities. Depending on the breed, some dogs are comfortable when they are left alone. Few get bored, anxious, and develops behavioural problems. The symptoms include excessive chewing and anxiety. As a result, household items like kid’s toys, shoes, furniture’s are obliterated. It even poses a higher risk to the dog in the form of poison and injury. Protect your pet from these risks by providing them with proper chew toys.

Use these tips to inculcate great oral health routine for your pets. On top of all the health benefits, dogs are full of fun and joy.  They make you laugh and are with you at the end of a long day. So, enjoy your time with your pet.