A pet will always bring love and affection to your home, but the downside is, it will also fill your home with fur, unpleasant odors and lots of mess. Homes with dogs have more bacteria and more types of bacteria in them than homes without dogs. But it is still possible to keep your home clean and odor-free.

Two big challenges for pet homes are dog fur and toilet accidents. Pet fur everywhere is inevitable, but this can be avoided by using correct choice of fabric for couches and frequent vacuum cleaning.

How to manage pet toilet accidents?

Toilet accidents or house breaking is a bigger challenge. Always spot-clean the messes soon after the incident, with cloth or a paper towel to get the bulk of the solids or liquids up. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean and to dilute the offending material with liberal amounts of water. After the moisture evaporates you need something that won’t just mask the odor, but should neutralize the organic materials that are the source of smell.

How to remove odor naturally?

Odo-Rite is a natural odour removal product recommended by vets and animal care professionals. Odo-Rite uses biotechnology to literally consume most types of decaying organic materials including urine, feces, vomit, sweat that causes smells in pet homes. It works safely and effectively on carpet, wood, tile, plastic, fabric and all types of floors. There is no rubbing or scrubbing or mopping up required after applying Odo-Rite. Just Spray and walk away. For best results, spray the entire affected area in 2 – 4 hour intervals the first day (depending on the extent, source and age of the contamination) and 3 – 5 hour intervals the second day. On the third day, spray the contaminated area if you continue to smell odors.

If you have an odor problem, we will guarantee that Odo-Rite will provide the solution, no matter how long the odour has been in that location. Unlike other products, Odo-Rite does not cover up or mask odors. Odo-Rite destroys and removes the source of the odors. Usually only recontamination would cause the odors to return.

Odo-Rite contains all natural ingredients and is chemical free, water based, bio-degradable and safe for you, your pets and the environment.