Pugs love their human owners. They always want to be on the lap, on the bed and sometimes at the feet even while you use bathrooms. They are called Velcro pugs for this reason. They are loyal, once they are trained,and explore unfamiliar places but pugs tend to find their way back.The size makes them perfect dog to cuddle with.

They will follow you around everywhere

Dogs have been part of the human civilization since ages. They come in many breeds, and one of the most adorable breeds are the pugs. Pugs stand out from other breeds due to their short and compact frame and flat muscles. They became more famous for their quirky looks and personality!

Pugs are versatile

Pugs are an ideal pet because they are versatile. They are great with old folks and children as an individual pet or in a pack of pets. They love to play with other people and dogs. They are suitable pets for people of all ages which is one of their main advantageous traits.

Learn to love pug symphony

Pugs sneeze, wheeze and snore. They make funny sounds, especially at night times and during napping. If you are audio sensitive, then get ready to invest in earplugs.

They eat almost anything

Pugs love to eat. They are always looking for ways to trick you in giving them treats by pretending that they are super hungry. They are easily prone to obesity. Ensure to feed your pug a healthy and nutritious diet to prevent illness.

Common health issues

Pugs are high maintenance canine. They are prone to variety of health issues. Due to short muscles, they experience breathing problems. Their big eyes lead to dry eyes and ulcers. They do not go well in hot and humid weather. They do best in moderate temperature neither too hot nor too cold. Regular visits to the vet for general checkups are must along with regular grooming to avoid skin disorders.

Do pugs sheds?

Pugs are considered to be heavy shedding breed. They shed around the year. Mostly other dog breeds undergo a three-step process of growth, rest and fallout. But pugs go through this cycle much faster than other breeds.

Once you go with the pug,you will never get back.These creatures will keep you laughing and put a smile on your face every single day. They give unconditional love and make a great family dog.Their size,temperament, and great personalities make them a perfect pet.

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