In an earlier post, I had written why some toilets smell even when they appear clean. The male anatomy makes toilet spills likely — especially for boys and older men. And spills raise a stink.

You can solve this problem by thoroughly cleaning the toilet — the rim, the outsides, the seat and the floor around it. But that never seems enough as it still smells after a while. Instead take it easy on yourself and also do good to the environment.

The toilet stinks because bacteria are feeding on spills in the toilet seat and floor. When water is used to wash away the smell, the bacteria breed faster and the toilet stinks even more.

The solution is Odo-Rite: a bacterial culture that converts the urea & uric acid in urine spills to odorless nitrogen. Odo-Rite is natural, water-based and bio-degradable.

Washing away the spills is the old way. A few sprays of Odo-Rite eliminates odors and leaves behind a pleasant perfume for several hours.

Several homes have made Odo-Rite a daily habit. If you already use Odo-Rite, please refer us to your friends and family. There is a no investment to try, just ask us for a tester which we are giving free for a short period.

No one gets pleasure entering a stinky toilet. Odo-Rite is the default choice for an obvious need. Make Odo-Rite a part of your everyday life. Buy online or ask us for a free tester.

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