odorite - odor eliminator

Congratulations! The battle is won if you have been exercising consistently. If you are always on the “Eat- Lift- Sleep- Repeat “mode then you need to add one more task to your loop. The importance of cleaning your gym kit cannot be more emphasized. The stinky smell of the gym clothes and shoes after work out is a total turn off for all.

The bacteria from the sweat caused due to the workout is the main reason behind the smelly gym wear. This calls for an immediate laundry of your sweatshirt, gym T-shirt or a pair of workout pants. Else that bacteria seeps in the clothes after a while and makes cleaning an even more difficult task.

We bring you a simple checklist to follow after a workout until you run the washing machine:-
A. Turn the gym clothes inside out because sweat and sebum accumulate on the interior side of the clothes.
B. Let your clothes air out a little.
C. Whiff a natural Odour eliminator on the clothes. We bring to you unique air freshener and odor remover Odo-rite! What makes Odorite special is its novel microbial formula.
D. Wash the laundry when you get time.

You are laundry ready for the next workout.

Smells are invisible.When you a sweat a lot in that synthetic gym apparel, the retaining of the odor is natural.
Odorite is safe due to its natural contents. It is a water-based formula. Odorite removes odor at its source and leaves behind a lingering fragrance. Spray it liberally over the gym shoes and give the shoes another fresh odor free life. Odorite promises healthier environments as opposed to the other chemical packed air fresheners.It ensures happier selves, houses, offices and public spaces.

Water based product and contains 0% Alcohol
✓ 0% formaldehyde and Eco-Friendly
✓ 100% Natural Ingredients.
✓ 100% Safe

Caution:– It is often better to cut the usage of synthetic sports detergents to clean this pile
and fabric softeners are indeed a no-no!