Dogs are a man’s most faithful companion since the start of human civilization. There are many big dog and small dog breeds for a person to choose from. Nevertheless, choosing and keeping a pet is a huge responsibility. That being said, one should understand the differences between dogs especially big and small dogs, their temperament, their habits and so on.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right pet:

Size and location of home:

A big dog can live in an apartment or a small house provided they have enough space to roam around outside the house. Some breeds are known for their rippling energy that requires you to take them around for walks frequently. In case, your home has parks nearby; then a big dog would be the right choice. Small dogs do not require that much space and can exercise their limbs inside the house. A short walk would be enough for smaller breeds.

Energy and health:

When looking for the pet, an individual should consider their energy levels as well as the dog. This helps in choosing the right pet. The factors of training them, playing them or scooping them up, have to be taken into account. If you are a person having health restrictions or of limited physical capacity, then a smaller dog breed is a good option. At the same time, one needs to consider the big dog breeds can make living more functional and easier for differently-abled individuals. However, training and caring for a bigger dog requires more productivity than a smaller one.

To serve and protect:

Most often, the reason a person goes for a pet is to protect their home on their behalf. Dogs are known for impulsively safeguard their territory and pack (including you and your family). Both big and small dogs are good watchdogs. While the small dogs bark and alert the surroundings, they can be easily captured as well. Whereas for the big dog breeds, one look is enough to raise hackles of the intruder.

Trivia! Some small dog breeds are known to think and act beyond their size.

Family and work:

Before deciding on the size of the dog, you should consider the family members. If there are children in the house, they may get scared of a big dog and find smaller breed more suitable. Even though puppies may look adorable, you need to consider their full-grown size before adopting a pet.

If you are on the constant move, due to pet, then finding a rental space could be quite difficult. Having a pet would definitely complicate things. Choose a pet that would also suit your relocation requirements.

 As a responsible pet owner, it is essential for you to consider all the above-detailed factors into consideration. Choose the right dog size that is a good fit for you, your family, personal and physical capabilities.