Maintaining furniture at home is a task that involves a quite bit of effort and heavy lifting. Often, spring and festival cleaning are the times we pay attention to our home furniture. However, the role of furniture in our home décor is a significant one as it enhances our home’s beauty. Nevertheless, we often fail to maintain our furniture leading to a massive pile-up of dust and germs.

Furniture is of different types like handcrafted, moulded, wood, plastic, and so on. Here are some general tips that will help you maintain any kind of furniture.

Tip#1: Read the labelFurniture leaning

Always pay attention to the care label that comes attached to the furniture. This label pertains to the specific care of the furniture. When placing your furniture at home, this care label will help in keeping it brand-new. Wooden furniture requires frequent dusting, while fabric couches require routine deep cleaning and so on. In case, your furniture does not have a care tag, then ask the salesman pointers on keeping your furniture clean.

Tip#2: Avoid Sun

Furniture Cleaning

Fabrics and leather furniture need to be kept away from the sun. Constant exposure of harmful sunrays will damage and make the fabric fade away. If the furniture at home is inevitably placed in the path of the sun rays, then be sure to rotate or move the furniture around at regular intervals.

Tip#3: Rotate them

Humans are a creature of habit; we often tend to get stuck to the same schedule or place. Rotating or moving them around will prevent the furniture from losing their form. Try creating different arrangements of furniture and furnishings at regular intervals. It will not only give a new look to the room, but also make you feel energized.

Tip#4: Protect the surface

Furniture CleaningCoffee tables and side tables are one of the many types of furniture at home that leads to wear and tear. You can protect these surfaces through any number of ways. Get rid of the pesky waterlines of glassware by using coasters. Use placemats, runners, glass coverings or tablecloths to cover the tables. These coverings will protect your tables from food stains, crayon, marker and pencil marks.

Clean the table tops with mild soap and damp cloth along with dusting and polishing to keep the wood surface clean. At the same time, ensure that you don’t over polish the wood as it will strip its natural finish.

Tips for cleaning different kinds of furniture at home:

Wood: Use a soft damp cloth and mild washing liquid to mop up the surface. Use a separate dry cloth to clean after wiping the table top.

Leather: Dust the leather before cleaning the couch. Use a cleaning solution with equal parts of vinegar and water wipe down the leather with a damp cloth, not a wet cloth. Just like wood, use a separate material to dry the furniture.

Fabric: Vacum the furniture all over and then start dusting. Check the label to know about the type of cleaning agents to be used. In case, there is no label, test a cleaning agent on a small spot of the fabric. It is prudent to start with a milder cleaning solution.

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