When sweat causes shoe smells, Odo-Rite removes them. Unlike other fragrance sprays, Odo-Rite does not mask smells, it eliminates them.

How Odo-Rite Works?
Odo-rite is a water based microbiology product and contains all natural ingredients. It doesn’t just mask the odor but it eliminates the odor at its source. As surprising as it is, this natural air freshener by its unique microbial composition decomposes the waste organically and releases neutral gases. So, it works as an effective shoe odor remover

Odo-Rite removes odors not only from shoes and boots but also from gym gear, gym bags, gym lockers, and shoe racks etc.
Odo-Rite is safe to use on all types of fabrics – PU, Leather, Canvas, Denim etc. Odo-Rite is water based and is not expected to leave any residue or stains. ODO-RITE is chemical free and has all natural ingredients. It is safe for homes, children, pets and environment too.

How to Use?
Simply spray 5-6 times inside your shoes or into the area causing smells. Leave it to dry. If needed repeat until smells are gone. Use regularly, so that smells don’t come back.

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