The vacuum cleaner’s primary  purpose is to keep your home clean and hygienic. But what if the vacuum cleaner makes your home smell?

There are times when there is a foul smell coming from the vacuum cleaner when we use it. Smells are caused due to the growth of microorganisms in the collection bag and filters. Most modern vacuum cleaners don’t use disposable paper bags and instead use a collection bag cum dust filter that has to be periodically cleaned.

Remove the collection bag / dust filters and soak it in water. Add 40 ml of Odo-Rite Floor cleaner. Rinse off and dry the collection bag / filter.

Now you are all set to clean your home with vaccum cleaner without the bother of smells from it.

Odo-Rite Floor Wash cleans without leaving behind the characteristic wet mop odor. For best results spray Odo-Rite air freshener in the collection bag / filter after each use of the vacuum cleaner.

Why Odo-Rite?

Harsh chemicals can fade or crack your leather. You want ingredients that are gentle but work deeply.

Odo-Rite home cleaning solutions are a perfect fit for your leather couch cleaning routine. It comes with the following advantages:

  • Close to neutral ph. Not harsh on fabrics, floors, or your skin.
  • It is best for cleaning delicate materials like leather and keeps the furniture brand new.
  • Odo-Rite is non-foaming. It loosens and lifts dirt so that it can be easily wiped away.
  • The Ingredients are safe for people, pets, and the planet.
  • It is free of disinfectants and harmful substances that could cause damage to health with repeated exposure.
  • Odo-Rite is bio-degradable and non-toxic
  • Odo-Rite is a versatile product that can be used to clean most surfaces, including couches, chairs, auto interiors, handbags, etc.

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