Planning a vacation is a fun experience. However, it does leave us with a checklist that has to be double-checked. But, if you are a pet parent, finding boarding for your furry companion will top the list. Leaving them in safe hands is the topmost concern of every pet owner.

Here are some suggestions that will help you to plan for your pet’s stay during vacation time:

Pet Sitters:

A pet sitter is a person who takes care of pets in their familiar environment meaning your home. They ensure that the pet is well taken care of without disruption of their familiar routine. They can check up on the pets once or can stay at home till you get back from the vacation.

In-Home Pet Boarding

While enlisting pet sitter a good option, so is in-home pet boarding. In-home pet boarding is where the pet is left at the pet sitter’s home before vacation. This option is affordable when compared to employing pet sitters at our home. It also gives the added security of not giving up the house keys.

This option even lets your dogs socialize with other animals under the supervision of trained pet handlers. The playful dogs who love having visitors and getting out in public will quickly adapt to this option.

Traditional Boarding: Dog Kennels

Finding a well-equipped kennel is the conventional way of boarding your dog. Keeping pet’s health in mind, evaluate in advance about the cleanliness of the boarding places. Pets require exercise, especially dogs.

So, ensure that they have enough activity time to play and interact with other dogs. Kennels offer affordable, efficient care for your dog. This is an excellent option for easy going, happy go lucky pooches who are not prone to anxiety.

Boarding with a friend/family member

Leaving your pet to a responsible friend or a family member who will take care as you would is another alternative. In this case, if the person and the pet are familiar with each other, then the familiarity will help the pet feel safe. However, if they don’t have much knowledge about pets, then they are less likely to identify the problems. So, pet owners must teach them some basic understanding of the pet’s care.

Veterinary offices

Dogs requiring frequent medication and supervisions to prevent emergencies will respond well in this arrangement. Pets with allergies and severe disorders are better staying with a trusted veterinarian. They can identify their problems and treat them in a better way.

These options help you enjoy your vacation sans your pet without the worry. In case of no suitable alternatives, take them along with you. Read this to know more about the perfect pet travel checklist.

Who do we recommend?

If you live in Chennai, then Pawsome dog care boarding is a great option. It is managed by Mrs.Kalpagam Rao who is an advocate by profession, but a dog lover by passion. She runs Pawsome dog care and is a well-known pet sitter in Chennai.

If you are a pet parent in Mumbai, then BarkNBond is your best option. Run by PranitaBalar, BarkNBond not only functions as a pet sitter but also provides a host of other pet services as well.

Odo-Rite is proud to be associated with Pawsome Dog care and BarkNBond as our pet care products aid keeping the pets, people, and the planet safe.