Last Sunday, we went out to a friend’s home for dinner. We were well received by one and all including their furry companion, The  Great  Dane Buddy. Probably, Buddy smelt my pawsome friend Caramel, and so he was overexcited. If you are a dog owner, you may understand the science behind this phenomenon. The moment we went in, Buddy jumped on us. He wanted to know where was that one whom he smelt but couldn’t find? He was puzzled and kept on sniffing around us. He was anxious, and that bewilderment made him pee on the carpet in the living room. The friend’s wife got furious, and she started shouting -actually barking at the giant pup that he was. Buddy looked confused and I, too, for a moment couldn’t make out who was the better between them ( friend’s wife or Buddy).

Pet accidents on carpet or the floor are very common. Even with the best housebreaking training, there are instances when your pooch may mark his territory at the “No-No” places and create embarrassing situations. It is, therefore, very important to understand the behavior of your furry friend and to arrest the reasons behind such undesirable incidents. Merely shouting at the four-legged one is not the solution for anything.

Having said that let us understand why your well-trained best friend doesn’t understand the exact place to do his business. Well, as you know a dog’s sense of smell is way stronger than that of human beings. After all, dogs read the world through their noses. So, whenever someone reports a series of episodes of pet accidents on their carpets/ floors/ sofas etc. they should first take the blame for the same on themselves instead of barking at the tail-wagger.

Why? Well, that clearly indicates that you have not cleaned the area effectively. Yes! You may feel, apparently, that you have removed the stain and also the odor from the carpet/ floor or upholstery. But, in reality, the dog smells his own business in that particular area and feels normal to continue with the same.

Thinking to mask the smell with that of the artificial air freshener? These fur-babies are sharp enough to know your trick. And wait! Did you think how safe it would be for the pets when you spray the chemicals around them? Looking for solutions to stop such accidents at upholstery and your home? Perplexed about what to use and how to use?

This is an awesome guide to a quick clean up after the unwanted pet accidents.

  • Pick up the potty, if any, from the area with a scoop and flush it off.
  • Blot if there is urine.
  • For stain removal:-Let the urinated area dry well.Mix eco-friendly white vinegar with equal amount of water and spray over the affected area. You can also sprinkle baking soda over this space and finally vacuum the surface once it gets dry.
  • This removes the stain. Make sure the dog is not around while you are on the cleaning spree.
  • For Odour Removal:-The odor can be completely removed with a whiff of the natural air freshening and odor removing secret called-Odorite!

Odorite is the most effective  microbial solution which removes the odors at its source and makes the environment odor free. It is extremely safe to be used around pets and children. A quick fix as it is, this powerpack is also effective to ward off all types of odors coming from the kitchen, shoe racks, bathrooms and toilets, car seats, air conditioners and also the upholstery of all types.

Why not be smart pet parent by taking precautions than finding the cure.

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