Having a furry friend as a companion is a wonderful experience, but there is a small hitch that every dog owner faces; their pet’s smell. Often, it gives the feeling that your home has become a makeshift kennel. Fortunately, removing the foul odor is not an impossible task albeit an easy one if you follow these tips

Caution! Before plunging into these tips, ensure that the products you use to remove the foul odor are dog-friendly. Since the chemicals that are fine for humans are not for dogs. Use products that are safe.environmentally safe, and  non-toxic

#1 Wash frequently:

It is prudent to clean your dog’s kennel or bed at least once a week. If you are using the bed, use a dog bed wash to clean the bed as the fabric retains the odor. This retained odor transforms into a foul odor as days go by and your home will never smell fresh.

Home tip! Leave baking soda overnight and wash your pet’s bed the next day with dog bed wash liquid or detergent to eradicate the foul odor completely.

#2 Clean the furniture:

Often our pet becomes our cushion to snuggle, and this means no space in your home is safe from the ‘doggy smell.’ You need to regularly clean the furniture with a vacuum to get rid of hair and foul odor. At the same time, remove the covers and wash them in high heat to kill the bacteria.

Tip! Never forget to clean under the furniture as well.

#3 Regular grooming:

Regularly grooming your dog will help in reducing the spread of foul odor. But, it is essential to remember that only grooming the pet will not get the job done. At the same time, don’t bathe your pet very often as it will lead to skin dryness.

Tip! Most dog breeds, a monthly clean with a professional groomer is enough.

#4 Deodorize the carpets:

One of the preferred ways to deodorize your carpets would be by sprinkling baking soda and leaving it overnight. However, if your pet is in the process of home training, you need to use a stronger cleaner to keep the area smelling fresh and clean. Use natural, eco-friendly safe products to remove the foul odor.  Another way to remove the odor would be through the removal of carpets. It also helps in getting rid of allergens that are trapped in the carpet fibers.

Tip! If you need to do a quick wash, then use a cup of Odo-rite kennel wash for efficient removal of the odor.

#5 Dirty paws at the door:

After playtime, it is a common occurrence to see muddy paws everywhere. Use washable mats both inside and outside the house to cut down on the dirt. Alternatively, you can also use pet wet wipes to wipe off the mud of the paws.

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