What do we do when we are faced with a question, we simply Google it! Likewise, pet parents also use this ever-handy tool to find out the answers to common questions regarding their pets. Google is a great tool that helps us with our queries, but pet owners must exercise caution about believing everything on the web. Seeking the advice of veterinarian is the best resource for a pet parent.

We at, the Odo-Rite team got together with our most loyal customer, Mr. Naresh, who answers these questions with inputs from experts on pet care.

#1 Why is the dog’s nose wet?

It was one of my first questions when I got a pet, and I was quite surprised to find that it was also one of the most googled questions on the internet. Dogs are famous for their acute sense of smell, which is amplified by the presence of wetness on your pet’s nose. The wetness is a thin layer of mucus that helps the dogs to absorb the scents and smells they encounter. By licking the nose, dogs recognize the smell by bringing them to their olfactory glands. Moreover, a wet nose is a must for regulating their body temperature.

#2 Why do dogs eat grass?

It is a centuries-old wives tale that is agreed upon by most vets. I came to know that eating grass helps the pet to have relief from upset stomach and other gut-related problems. But, some dogs enjoy eating fresh and moist grass as an acquired taste.

#3 Why do dogs chase their tails?

Often said as a metaphor, this question was also one of the most googled questions when it comes to dogs and their behaviors. Tail chasing is are signs of normal playful and grooming actions. But, sometimes consistent chasing of the tail could be the signs of attention-seeking activity or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It is best to consult a dog trainer or a vet immediately.

#4 Does a dog dream?

Of course, they do. Many researchers have used the EEG machine to find out a dog’s brain activity while they were asleep. The scans supported the presence of dream activity. When I observed my pet closely, I noticed that they moved their legs as if they are running. Sometimes they even whined, whimpered,barked, or breathed heavily. My pet also showed signs of rapid eye movement, even though he was asleep.

# 5 Why does my dog howl?

My dog had a howling habit whenever I took him out to my friend’s place, who also has a dog. Then I came to know that it is a non-specific form of dog communication. It is a fun activity that dogs do when they get together. But it also happens when they are stressed or drawing a line over their territory.

This concludes our most googled dog questions on the internet – Part 1 from Mr.Naresh and the Odo-Rite team. Stay connected with us on our social media channels to keep your pet safe and happy. Odo-Rite’s pet products are safe for your pets and come with a host of benefits:

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