People living in high-rise apartment flocked by pigeons have a problem with their droppings. The stench is not only over powering but also a health hazard.

Veterinary microbiologists now caution that the numerous pathogens in bird droppings are a cause for disease.

Wild birds usually carry more disease than companion birds. Humans coming in skin contact with the bird droppings or even inhaling the gases produced by bird droppings are vulnerable to catch disease. Birds excrete nitrogenous waste from bloodstream as uric acid along with faeces. This leads to generation of ammonia gas, which we encounter as smell.

The problem with bird droppings in not only the smell, but the faecal ammonia can cause irritation and respiratory disorders.

Until now, the only way to get rid of smells from bird droppings has been to scrub them clean. But that introduces the risk of skin contact and toxic inhalation.

Odo-Rite easily solves the problem of pigeon and other bird droppings outside your high-rise apartment window. Simply mix Odo-Rite floor cleaner with 1 litre of water and gently mob on dropping areas and the smells are gone. As abundant caution, please use disposable gloves and masks if you need to get close to the affected area.

Odo-rite floor cleaner

Odo-Rite floor cleaner is completely safe and contains all natural ingredients, which spreads the surface with millions of safe, healthy microbial ingredient that removes harmful pathogens. These tiny workers in Odo-Rite floor cleaner continue the action of deodorizing for up to 3 days, unlike traditional cleaners which stop working once they are dry. Then finish off the cleaning by spraying Odo-Rite room freshener.


  • Economical and Highly Concentrated
  • Deep action cleaning as it penetrates even to microscopic pores
  • Removes Biofilm, dirt and stains
  • Completely removes the odor
  • Contains no harsh chemicals and Safe for people, pets and the environment

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