Kitchen is the one place at home that withstands most of the traffic. Let it be friendly arguments over food or with food; the kitchen is our go-to place. Often, due to various reasons, we tend to put away the cleaning of the kitchen and go to bed. Come morning; we wake up to the disaster and the smell that stays with us the whole day, no matter what.

All said and done, here are some easy and quick tips that help you to keep your kitchen clean:

Be stingy:

Most individuals face this problem of organizing the dishes as they cook. It is because their kitchen counter is lined with appliances, kid’s homework and what not. Keeping too much on counters will lead to utter chaos. Store away the appliances in cabinets and use them when required. Removing the appliances will keep your kitchen clean and free from mess. It also gives you enough space for prep work like placing the vegetables, cutting, marinating and so on.

Be proactive:

Most often, we loiter around the kitchen while waiting for things to heat up. Use that gap wisely, for example, if you are waiting around for water to boil, then start putting away the utensils, wiping the counters or organizing the cabinet. You will be amazed at the amount of work you get done between cooking time. At the same time, put away things back in their places as soon as you are finished them.

A clean slate:

One of the best ways to cook effortlessly is to keep your kitchen clean. Start with a clean slate and don’t cook till you have cleaned the kitchen. Abiding by this rule will keep you in a happy mood. If you start cooking without cleaning the space, eventually you will get depressed and grumpy. A neat kitchen will motivate you to keep it spotless all the time.

Keep a schedule:

Often, we put away cleaning refrigerators or stove to later times. This leads to dirt and grime buildup and is one of the primary reasons for a work pile up. Maintain a schedule or a list of days that warrant a cleaning of major appliances or cabinets in the kitchen. Even allotting a schedule for chores is also a great alternative.

Clean up ASAP:

Spilling and breakage are common occurrences in a kitchen. Mainly oil and milk spills are one of the significant problems. Wipe them off immediately with a washcloth or wipe to keep your kitchen clean. In reality, if the mess is sorted out when it is wet, it is quite easy to clean. Dried up stains needed to be soaked or scraped before wiping. Their smell is also quite hard to remove.

Here is a tip! Throw the food scraps into a dedicated compost bowl that makes cleaning easier. It also functions as a fertilizer for your plants.

In the same manner, spray your kitchen with a safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable room freshener like Odo-rite after the cleaning. It wipes away those strong fragrances like meat or milk and will keep your kitchen clean and fresh.

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