We at Odo-Rite love pets as much the pet parents, we bring you some tips that help in taking care of your pets this monsoon:

Keep them dry:

We all love playing in the rain, more so when we are with our pets. But ensure that you dry your dog or cat well. Bathe them well with warm water and an anti-fungal soap to clean them up thoroughly. This practice is more important when you are living in an urban area as the high pollution levels can often cause rain to be acidic in nature and can harm your pet’s coat.

Taking care of pet / dog during monsoon 3

Paw protection:

Your dog or cat’s paws are quite sensitive and prone to infections during the monsoon season. In case, you are taking them out a walk, make sure their paws are well-protected. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline and coconut oil (a great DIY) before going out. Once you are back, get rid of any debris or dust and check them for any cuts or wounds.

Ears and coat check:

One of the primary things that need to on your pet monsoon checklist is checking your pet’s ears and coat often, like twice a day. Moreover, monsoon is a happy season for fleas, ticks and other kinds of pests that like to camp in your pet’s fur. Using a torch can really help the pet parents to search for these uninvited guests.

Here is a trivia! If your pet is a dog, they will love all the attention you shower on them.

Water and food check:

Taking care of pet / dog during monsoon 2

Even though we always take great precaution in giving our pet access to safe water, that caution has to be tenfold during the monsoon season. Pet parents need to give boiled and cooled water to the pets to avoid the risk of getting infected with water-borne diseases. Furthermore, rainy season also means shorter or no walkabout time, so it essential that your pet has a higher intake of fiber-rich foods and plenty of indoor exercises.

Caution! Make sure that you do not overdose the fiber content as that can also become problematic

Deworm and Vaccination check:

Make it priority task that your pet is dewormed and vaccinated before the start of the monsoon season. Pets are more susceptible to infections during the rainy season. So, getting them vaccinated can help in strengthening their immunity and fight off infections and diseases.

A secure space:

Just like young children, even your pets are afraid of lightning and thunder. Pet parents need to create a secure space or double up on love during the monsoon season. If your pet has its own bed, stuff it with their favorite toys that will help in calming their anxiety right down.

How Odo-rite can help in keeping your pets safe this monsoon?

We recommend Odo-Rite to keep your pet safe during the monsoon season. It helps in maintaining the familiar scent of your home instead of the damp smell that always accompanies this season and creates a perfectly safe environment.

It also comes with a host of benefits such as:

  • Close to neutral ph.
  • The Ingredients are safe for people, pets, and the planet.
  • It is free of disinfectants and harmful substances that could cause damage to health with repeated exposure.
  • It is bio-degradable and non-toxic.

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