A leather sofa adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your home. Though a bit on the expensive side, leather couches last a lifetime and get better with age if maintained well. As the saying goes, a good old leather couch is like a bottle of fine aged wine.

Think of any heritage property, and what comes to your mind?

To me, a heritage home must include antique furniture fitted with leather upholstery. Leather is a material of choice not only for sofas but also for shoes, handbags, and seats in luxury cars.  Leather is breathable, elastic, tear-proof, abrasion-resistant, heat-insulating, and supple. But leather is not cheap. So if you own leather goods, it is necessary to take care of them and preserve them for your next generation.

When cleaning your leather furniture, it is best to keep it simple and stay away from Do-It-Yourself remedies as it is not easy to guess if they will damage the fabric. Using mild cleansers and cleaning equipment can help in keeping your leather furniture safe.

How to clean?

The first step before cleaning is to test an inconspicuous spot that cannot be noticed by prying eyes. Once you see that there is no damage, then proceed to clean the whole leather sofa.

Step 1: Remove the  dirt and debris by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment

Step 2: Add a few drops of the Odo-Rite floor cleaning solution to a bucket of clean water.

Step 3: Moisten the microfiber cloth with this solution and test it first on an inconspicuous spot.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied that there is no damage or discoloration, proceed with the wiping the rest of the couch.

Step 5: Always work from top to bottom when cleaning your leather sofa.

Step 6:  Use another wet and clean microfiber cloth and wipe the furniture again

Step 7:  Wipe dry with a dry and clean towel to finish the process.

Leather reacts quickly to spills, especially liquids of any kind. They should be removed from the furniture as soon as possible. If not, they will drip inside and become a stubborn stain, hard to remove.

If you have unprotected leather furniture at home, blot the stain and clean with a dry white cloth to absorb the stain. In case of protected leather, use a mild cleaning detergent to wipe the stain out.

Why Odo-Rite?

Harsh chemicals can fade or crack your leather. You want ingredients that are gentle but work deeply.

Odo-Rite home cleaning solutions are a perfect fit for your leather couch cleaning routine. It comes with the following advantages:

  • Close to neutral ph. Not harsh on fabrics, floors, or your skin.
  • Odo-Rite is non-foaming. It loosens and lifts dirt so that it can be easily wiped away.
  • The Ingredients are safe for people, pets, and the planet.
  • It is free of disinfectants and harmful substances that could cause damage to health with repeated exposure.
  • Odo-Rite is bio-degradable and non-toxic
  •  Odo-Rite is a versatile product that can be used to clean most surfaces, including couches, chairs, auto interiors, handbags, etc.

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