Natural Odour Eliminator

The first step in knowing how to remove odors is knowing how to prevent them. Odours are caused by bacteria which need damp places to grow. So a big part of removing odor is to remove habits that cause odor — such as drying wet fabrics on a line, taking out the trash regularly, fixing leaks or water condensation in your home etc.

However, there are occasions when we have to eliminate the smells — and quickly. Odo-Rite solves this problem of removing smells from difficult to wash items.

Indoor smells linger on for a very long time, getting caught in carpets, curtains, furniture, pillows and other places. Odo-Rite is a water-based spray that can be used carpets, upholstery, unwashed curtains, furniture cushions, pet beds, sports bags, musty shoes and more. Odo-Rite works well in your home or car, where ever you find musty or smelly fabric.

Odo-Rite quickly eliminates smells without leaving a heavy residue of it’s fragrance. Fighting odours around your home is no longer a losing battle.

People become accustomed to smells in their home and stop noticing them. Try Odo-Rite and don’t be surprised when guests visiting how to ask how your home smells so good.

Unlike, other freshener sprays, Odo-Rite does not mask smellsOur advance microbiology formulation eliminates odors at the source, leaving you with an environment that is fresh smelling and free of malodours. Odo-Rite is free from chemicals or aerosols and is not expected to trigger allergies. Odo-Rite is both good for you and friendly on the environment.

· Fast acting, instant odor eliminator

· Formulated using microbiology to fight the toughest odors.

· Odo-Rite eliminates the smell, unlike perfume sprays that mask it

· Uses nanotechnology to lift the pleasant fragrance and make it last long

· Reduces malodours on carpet, hard surfaces and works as a room spray

· Effective on odors from urine, sweat, vomit, blood, and food

· Effectively controls odors in smelly fabric, including disposed diapers

· Spray on surface to remove odor at source and keep the air fresh

· ODO-RITE is color less with a fresh scent

· ODO-RITE is ready to use. No preparation required

· Cost Effective: Available in 200ml and 5 liter packing

· A quality product that is Made in India

· A Product from Ram-Nath — an enterprise backed by 7 decades of reliability