Many new parents are often faced with this dilemma when it comes to changing diapers for new-born and toddlers. It often becomes hard to gauge for how long can a baby wear a diaper at night as every child is unique.

During the day, one can quickly assess the diaper usage of the baby. But at night, the issue becomes slightly complicated as the sleep factor is involved. Newborn babies have minimal activities during their first few months of which passing urine and stool are first on the list. He/she will wet the bed frequently and has to be continuously monitored.

One of the preferred option of mothers these days are disposable diapers. They offer many advantages when compared to the use of cloth diapers. However, every parent is faced with this question of how many hours a diaper can be used and how to vanquish the smell.

When using diapers for babies, there are specific points to be kept in mind:

  1. Ensure that your baby’s skin does not show any adverse effects like rashes, redness, etc between diaper changes.
  2. Disposable diapers soak more liquid, hence are prone to spreading the bad smell around. This smell creates a disturbance to the infant’s developing sense of smell.
  3. Change diapers in frequent intervals like every two or three hours as extended periods can damage a baby’s sensitive skin.
  4. If the baby has passed stool, it is important that the diaper is changed immediately.
  5. Strap a fresh diaper before putting the infant to sleep during night time as it helps them sleep comfortably.
  6. Keep a standard night routine as it helps you to calculate after how many hours diaper should be changed?
  7. Apply Vaseline jelly on your infant’s butt cheek and then strap the diaper — this aids in avoiding rashes, skin burns and redness.
  8. Keeping diapers in easily accessible places will help in changing your baby with ease.

Challenges of disposable diapers:

One of the annoying problems parents face is the smell of wet diapers. Eradicating this smell often proves to be a challenge as toxic room fresheners are not suitable for the child. It is recommended to use bio-degradable, non-toxic room fresheners like Odo-rite after changing your baby’s diaper to vanquish the smell.

Odo-rite is a natural microbiological product without alcohol and other harmful chemicals detrimental to health. It completely removes the smell and is an eco-friendly product.

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