Ever wondered why, when you get a waft of smell good or bad, you immediately experience a memory?

Well, the olfactory senses are part of the limbic system, the emotional part of the brain. It is also where the hippocampus is present. Hippocampus is responsible for both short and long-term memories. This connection leads to the entwining of scents and emotions, that give us episodic memories.

Memories are often linked with automatic emotions and responses. That’s is the reason when we encounter certain smells, we experience memories in tandem. For example, the scent of fresh mangoes might transport you to your childhood village visits.

The connection between mood and scent:

The way our brain receives and processes scents is still complicated and yet to unravel. At the same time, it is no doubt that smell influences our mood. For instance, when a person walks into a room that is filled with natural aromas such as jasmine, rose and etc., they experience an instant mood uplift.

If the same person, walks into a room filled with garbage, the effect is utterly opposite.

In a nutshell, pleasant smells evoke good and positive thoughts and can have a profound impact on our memories. Evidence of this fact is the fragrance addition to almost every product we use today.

While all of us desire a pleasing environment that is free of undesirable smells, the path to reach this is not so apparent. Fragrances added to products we come across every day – toothpaste, soaps, shampoo’s, freshener sprays, detergents, and even food are all made from chemicals. While these chemicals are Generally Considered as Safe (GRAS), the long term exposure of people to these products is not well documented.

Odo-Rite was born to solve this challenge. We are a home care brand conscious of people, pets and the planet. Odo-Rite changes the way your world smells while eliminating our dangerous substances; saving water and being eco-friendly.

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