Even the tidiest home can host some unwelcomed guests- grime and dirt! 

Grime and dirt can sprout in areas where we least fathom. By paying extra attention to specific regions, one can prevent the build-up and spread of grime to keep the family healthy. Here we have a bunch of priceless tips that help you keep home odour free and dirt-free.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen is often the winner when it comes dirt and grime build-up. Food spills, oil spills, and others can quite difficult to remove. Use these tips below for odour-free and dirt-free kitchen:

Cleaning sponges stay wet and moist and become sticky over time. Replace the sponge at frequent intervals will keep the kitchen grime-free but also odor-free.

The sink and the countertops are the prime real estate for grime and dirt build-up. Food particles left in the sink can clog the pipes leading to a foul stench. So, scrub your sink with a bleach and water solution before going to bed.

Dish Towels wipe up dirty messes and sit around the countertops. Washing the towels frequently and cleaning the dirty ones in hot water is a good practice.


It is of no surprise that the bathrooms often have a dirt build-up as it is constantly wet and gets slippery in time. It also comes with nooks that are a breeding ground for grime and dirt. These spots should be paid special attention while cleaning them:

  • The shower tub nook
  • Drains
  • Faucets
  • Floor area around the toilet

The surface of the bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly once a week to prevent grime accumulation. Using a fine-toothed brush will aid in removing the grime in hard to reach spaces like faucets and drain corners.

Wet laundry bring odour in the home

Wet clothes kept in the machine even for a short time lead to odour. After wash, remove the clothes immediately. Nowadays, many washing machines come with a self-cleaning option. Use that option every 40 washes to keep the washing machine clean of grime and lint.

Keeping a home clean and tidy might seem a bit daunting, but it is not impossible. Use Odo-Rite home care products as it will help you achieve odour-free home. Our products are bio-degradable and have a chemical-free formulation. They don’t mask the odour but removes it from their source.

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