Navaratri is a nine-day long festival where the holy trinity of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Durga are invoked, and prayers offered. These nine days are filled with festivities, events, and guests. Prepping your home for these days may seem to be a daunting  task but not if you adopt these ideas:


Our Odo-Rite team has given a few tips, i.e., Pre-Navartri cleanup and During Navarati clean-up routine for  your ease of work:

Pre-Navaratri cleanup:

1) Wipe the space clean:

Cleaning our homes is the primary task when prepping for Navaratri.  Clean at the back of big appliances like Television, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Washing machine and so on. You will be amazed to see the amount of accumulated dust.Giving your home a thorough cleaning by vacuuming, mopping floors, dusting ceilings, windows, decluttering spaces, and so on infuses positive energy in your home.

It is a widespread belief that a clean home gets sanctified when a deity is invoked and installed. This is the essence of Navratri festival.

2) Clean your puja Ghar:

The next step in your Pre- Navaratri clean up would be the Puja Room, also known as Puja Ghar. This space will be the center of activity these nine days.

You need to complete the following checklist for clean Puja Room:

  • Cleanup of the Puja Pictures, Idols, brass lamps and other metal puja items (Baking soda, lemon, and tamarind are the usual cleaning solutions)
  • Cleanup of counters, and floors
  • Dusting and mopping

You can have clean counters and floors with the help of our Odo-Rite floor cleaning solution.

Navarathri tip

Here is a tip! Use hot water when washing puja idols, lamps, and others as hot water loosens the stubborn dirt and makes the process easier.

3) Deep clean your bathrooms:

Bathroom cleaning might be part of our regular cleaning routine. But we should takeup deep cleaning during festival times. We will have a steady stream of guests arriving at our home to visit our Golu.Scrub the sink, floors, faucets, and taps well with Odo-Rite floor cleaning solution and complete the task by spraying Odo-Rite Home Freshener. Make sure the bathroom drains are unclogged and remain clean during the festivities.

P.S! You will need another home cleanup round after Navaratri.

Now, we come to the During Navaratri clean-up routine:

The During- Navaratri clean up is not so difficult as we sweep and mop up the house every day. The real challenge lies in the clean-up of utensils and clothes.

Washing the dishes and clothes:

Navaratri means “Prasadam” where a traditional spread of offerings are prepared and offered to the Goddes. Inadvertently, it means sticky utensils in the kitchen. Still, we need to take the utmost care in keeping those dishes clean by washing them in warm water and a suitable dishwashing liquid. Having fresh cookware not only means easy serving but also keeps us healthy.

Grime and stains are a common phenomenon during festival times. Ensure that you are stocked upon detergents and stain removers during Navaratri. It helps in taking the load of cleaning from your shoulders and keep you looking awesome.

Preparing your home this Navaratri will be a joyous and tension-free activity when you follow those above-detailed tips. We, at Odo-Rite wish you all a wonderful and divine Navaratri.

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