Dogs are quite an intelligent animal that make great companions. They are known for their sensitiveness and alertness in understanding a situation. Moreover, a recent study by the University of London and Brazil prove that dogs have the cognitive ability to differentiate human emotions.

General training signs used for dogs

As canines are visually-oriented animals, it is an easy process to train them using hand signals. These hand signals are generally used in basic dog training modules. It is also a great way to teach them and induce obedience traits.

Here are some basic dog training commands that are useful for training your pet:

Trivia! When teaching basic dog training commands such as sit, stand, heel and down, dog treats are used as a dog training tool. These little treats help you to train the pet effortlessly.

#1 The Sit command:

This “Sit” command is the first basic command used in dog training. Here are the steps that will help your pet in mastering the order.

  • Let the dog be in a sitting position.
  • Hold a treat in your fingers and start moving your hand from the side.
  • Then bring up the arm slowly in tossing motion over the same side shoulder.
  • Do this action slowly and bring the treat past your pet’s nose and say “Sit” at the same time
  • You should be leading his nose upwards as you say the command.
  • Once your pet understands this cue and gets the move, give him/her the treat.

#2 The Down command:

Next comes the “Down” command, which is useful for calming the dog and bringing him to a relaxed stance.

  • Start with a sitting position
  • Hold a treat in your fingers, and the hand should be above your head.
  • Then bring it down and keep your arm straight till it in it’s a hanging position on the side.
  • The point of every training exercise is to do slowly.
  • Bring the treat past the dog’s nose as you signal and say the command “Down” at the same time.
  • You should be leading your pet’s nose down as you say the command.
  • When he performs the command to precision, praise the dog and give him the treat.

#3 The Come command:

The last command of dog training would be the “Come” command, where you call the dog to come to your place of seating.

  • The dog should be in front of you.
  • Hold a treat in your fingers and hold your arm to the side and parallel with the ground.
  • Then sweep your arm forward in a way that your hand touches the opposite shoulder.
  • Repeat this action slowly and bring the treat past your dog’s nose along with the signal.
  • Say “Come” and back up a few steps simultaneously.
  • Once your pet understands and executes the command, give him the treat.

Training your pet is of utmost importance, and furthermore, you also need to remove the food from the equation gradually. Once, your pet masters these basic commands, you will be able to move on to other training methods.

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