Freshen up your upholstery with ODORITE:


Have you ever had the feeling of the sofa or the old set of furniture which you have inherited from Grandma? You would never want it to fade away in the history of your being and would certainly want to retain it as it is for the warmth of memories that it would invoke with the plain sight of it. In case of damaged furniture, it is always advised to restore it instead of replacing it. The restoration is possible only if the upholstered furniture is maintained well. In the tropical climate like India, the upkeep of the furniture, curtains, beddings, and pillows is a tough task. Here are some of the essential tips which can help you save some time maintaining the upholstery around your house.

The right fabric:

90% of the time, well-planned upholstery will save maintenance time and cost. Choosing the right material for the climate you are in will make your maintenance an easy task. It would also extend your furniture’s life. Synthetic fibers are the best choice for upholstered furniture, having fabric with lesser texture helps if you have pets around your house.

Protection of the fabric:

Fabric protection is the crucial aspect which often gets ignored, protecting the material from the spills is necessary to maintain the tone of the fabric. The finishing process of the upholstered fabric is rigorous as it is treated with different water repellents and soil, you can also use some additional layers of fabric protectors for your furniture. 

Spot Clean:

Accidents are inevitable if there is any spillage make sure that you clean it immediately with clean tissue paper. Blot the spill gently and get rid of stain if possible. Getting rid of stain is easy when it is treated with fabric protector. 

Use a natural air freshener:

If there is a spillage, to prevent the smell of the spill, you can use natural air freshener like ODORITE. It helps to eliminate smells from the upholstery fabric before or after the spill. There would be times when you might not condition your furniture with the protective layer, instant cleaning may get rid of the stain, with its unique microbial formula that acts quickly to prevent the bad stink of the spill. It is a water based air freshener which non-toxic and completely safe and eco friendly.

ODO-RITE is a quality natural air-freshener from the trusted brand Ram-Nath & Co.; a business that has a history of  75 years in the field of chemicals, polymers, health, and nutrition. We leverage on the chemistry of relationships with our business partners, suppliers and customers to build thriving businesses and bring novel products and solutions to market.