Etiquettes and rules form the framework of a society and apply to all spaces, even a car. Having a car has now become a part of our daily commute,and we spend the majority of time in it. Following some etiquettes will guarantee you a smooth and happy ride, especially when you are in the passenger seat.

When borrowing a car:

One of the first rules of this etiquette is that you never borrow a vehicle unless it has been offered to you. At the same time, ensure that the car is returned with a full tank, no matter the distance you travel. But, if you are genuinely looking to thank them for loaning the vehicle, return it with Odo-Rite Home freshener.

A responsible shotgun:

If you are a passenger sitting next to the driver, that means you are riding the shotgun, that comes with some responsibilities. You need to function as DJ and play the song requested by the backseat passengers, pass over any tissues and so on. In case of the space feels musty, well you know what to do!

Seating position:

The seating position is of prime importance when you are a passenger. Sit in a way that your hand or leg movements do not impede the driver. Never put your leg over the dashboard. In case your seating is at the back, ensure that your leg does not prod the driver’s seat. Constant kicking and applying pressure on the driver’s seat will make the driver uncomfortable.

Never be a back-seat driver:

One of the silliest things, we as a passenger do, is being a back-seat driver. The car driver knows to handle the vehicle and the obstacles on the road. By giving hyped reactions for a cow crossing or person coming on the wrong side, we create a distraction for the drivers that can turn fatal. Unless you notice the driver getting distracted, don’t field driving instructions.

Moreover, let the person know where your stop is as soon as you get in the car or half a kilometer from the destination. This action helps them to park the car and let you disembark safely. If not, both you and the vehicle will be prone to accidents.

Clean-up after yourself:

When traveling with a person, don’t just open a bag of chips and start munching. Before eating something or having a latte, ask their permission first. Similarly, clean up after yourself in case of any food or drink spills. Spray Odo-Rite home freshener after to drive those pesky food smells.

What do we recommend for an ideal passenger?

Odo-Rite is your perfect car travel companion. It drives away the stubborn smells and comes with a host of advantages like:

  • Close to neutral pH. Not harsh on the car interiors or your skin.
  • Ingredients are safe for people, pets, and the planet.
  • Free of disinfectants and harmful substances that could cause damage to health with repeated exposure.

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