Responsibility and charity both start at home. Inculcating these habits early on shapes kids as better adults.  One of the most significant responsibilities that have to be taught to a child early on is cleaning up after themselves.  It not only lightens the workload for the mother, but it also increases the familial bonding. Moreover, kids love making a mess, but cleaning up is never an option.

So, here are some ways to involve your kids in the cleaning routine:

Restructure the rules:

 Start by restructuring the rules about cleaning up and share it with the kids so that they understand what has to be done. Tell them that if they don’t pick up after themselves, then they cannot pick up the next toy for playing. Enforce rules that you can actually follow through.  At the same time, chart a direction that helps the kids to understand the process of cleaning.

Make it a fun chore:

Model cheerful behavior when washing dishes or folding clothes. This cheerful routine will encourage kids to be part of the clean-up.  Turn clean-up time to dance party time and picking up won’t seem like a mess anymore. Injecting some silliness and fun will aid the children in overcoming their aversion to home cleaning. Set up some competitions or a timer to get the work done.

Break it down:

Break the cleaning work into manageable chunks if the children have a lot to put away. You can start by saying keep back the toys that are red or keep the big toys on one side and so on. This will teach them that little by little, they can finish the task. It also shows them that no job is too big, and methodically approaching them will help them finish. Putting up a checklist can also do the trick like pictures for younger ones and simple words for the older children.

Placement matters:

Teach your children that everything has its place. Provide the children with bins and boxes for tidying up. For example, keep a “put-away” basket in the heavy traffic areas of the home. Put the toys, books, loose pencils and so on in it. This will remind the kids to keep their things back at the end of the day. It also makes carrying a lot easier.

However, it is also essential that you assign age-appropriate chores to the kids and appreciate their efforts.

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