As cities are now becoming a concrete jungle, finding space to dry clothes come at a hefty price.People are now forced to turn their lounges into the laundry room.

Come monsoon, the lack of sun and the constant cloudy sky makes it harder to dry our clothes.As space is a continual thorn on our side, we resort to drying the clothes on any corner we find, be it sofa edges or chairs. The result of this action is a swirling musty smell that becomes an unwelcome houseguest.

Moreover, frequently drying clothes inside our home is detrimental to our health. The constant moisture accompanied by wetness is the perfect setting for mold growth. It also releases fungus spores onto the environment. Being invisible to the naked eye, these spores are often the cause that instigates allergic reactions and Asthma.

These parasites usually thrive on dampness and inadequate ventilation, which are both found in abundance during the monsoon season. Children and elderly people are likely to be more affected due to their fragile immune system.

On the whole, there is also the problem of tackling that musty smell. It spread its tentacles all over the place, especially in cabinets. It is more vigorous in cabinets as it also holds our clothes that may be a little wet due to the incessant monsoon season.

How totackle musty smell in home

How to tackle this problem?

We at Odo-Rite have come with an innovative solution that will help you tackle this problem. Our home cleaning solutions will help you maintain fresh home interiors this monsoon season. They come with various advantages like:

  • Close to neutral pH. Not harsh on the floor or your skin.
  • Works on a variety of surfaces – Vitrified Tile, Mosaic, Natural Stone
  • It can be used in kitchen counters, wall tiles, bathrooms, even to remove stains from fabric.
  • Ingredients are safe for people, pets, and the planet.
  • Free of disinfectants and harmful substances that could cause damage to health with repeated exposure.

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