Cleaning uses water and soap to remove dust and grime on surfaces. While cleaning makes your home look nice, it doesn’t necessarily get the job done. Many times we walk into a bathroom that looks clean but is stinking.


Disinfecting kills germs on the surface of objects. Germs are microbes that come in four main types:

    1. bacteria
    2. viruses
    3. fungi and
    4. protozoa.

Germs live both inside and outside the human body. While some thrive in places like your gut and help with healthy digestion, others exist on your skin or other surfaces and are passed around constantly. There are many good germs that help our bodies stay in balance and actually work to build our immune systems. However, the bad germs tend to be very bad and are the cause for illnesses like the flu. Unfortunately disinfectants can’t distinguish between the beneficial bacteria and the pathogenic ones. Abuse of disinfectants in our daily lives, leaves us with lower immunity to diseases and contributes to growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

What does cleaning & disinfection got to do keeping smells away?

There is smell when there is organic waste that is being degraded by bacterial action. This can be from food, human waste etc. Bacterial action on waste causes generation of gases like ammonia that we encounter as smell.

When we clean bathrooms, it is not possible that all nooks and corners are free of organic waste. While we may not see this waste, bacteria can find them and it starts smelling. Disinfectants try to solve this problem by killing all germs – but it is temporary as a new wave of germs populate the surfaces and the smells return.

How does Odo-Rite work?

As mentioned above, most germs are harmless and in fact help maintain our health and immunity. Odo-Rite is a formulation made from harmless bacteria that act on organic waste without generating smelly gases. Odo-Rite is chemical free, water based and safe for you & the environment. Clean your home as you would do normally (using water & soap) and spray Odo-Rite where you expect smells to come from. You now have a home that is clean, safe and smell free. Odo-Rite works as natural room freshener / deodorizer.