Being a new mom might seem like a daunting challenge and a scary ride. But it is also a rewarding experience. That being said, here are some tips that will help you in handling the process like a parenting pro.

Handling a baby:

  1. Wash your hands and dry them before handling the baby.
  2. Alternatively, you can even use a hand sanitizer before handling the infant.
  3. Give support to the infant’s neck and head by keeping them in a cradling position.
  4. If you want to have fun with your baby, gently tickle their feet or blow on their stomach, never shake them.

Feeding and Nutrition:

Nursing is a wonderful experience that creates a loving bond between a mother and a baby. So, it is important to feed the infant in a space that calm and devoid of any distractions like gadgets, Tv, and so on.

Keeping warm, secure, and cozy:

Every infant loves the snuggling and cuddling as it facilitates bonding and makes the child feel safe. However, some babies have an independent streak and will be less inclined to cuddle. If the child is less happy to cuddle, you can try this tip where you can rock the baby gently and walk around in the room. This will distract the baby’s attention and keep them occupied.

Room to Splash:

All babies are natural swimmers, and they love water. So, turn bath time to fun time by letting the infant play around in the water. At the same time, take precautions to avoid any accidents. Using anti-skid mats in the tubs will allow the baby to play around. Also, place those mats on the floor to ensure your safety.

Keeping things clean:

Babies have a fragile immune system and are more susceptible to infections. Cover your nose and mouth in case of cough and cold to prevent infection. Ensure visitors wash their hands before holding the baby to avoid the spread of diseases.

Alarming signs and symptoms:

Babies go through many changes when getting used to life in the outside world. Always these Changes go well, but some warning signs needs special attention.

  • Not urinating
  • No bowel movement for 48 hours
  • Breathing trouble
  • Wheezing, grunting and whistling sounds when breathing
  • Worsening yellowing on the skin on the chest, arms, legs or whites of the eyes
  • Poor appetite or weak sucking ability
  • Sign of sickness(cough, fever, diarrhea)

Visit a doctor immediately and have a regular check-up schedule to ensure the baby’s health. Taking care of your precious bundle of joy is vital, but it is also the time to catch up on cuddles, kisses, and memories as well.

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