How much time do I have to spend with the pet?

The pet’s health care, training and exercise are essential. Do not bring home a dog only to leave him/her alone for 8 hours or more at a stretch every day.

Are all family members ready for this new addition?

Make sure everyone in the family is on board with the decision, and confirm beforehand that no one has any severe pet allergies. Take special considerations when you have a small child at home.

Am I prepared with a list of pet professionals?

Whether you buy or adopt, your pet is going to need basic training, veterinary help, grooming and pet sitting services. Do your research and ask around for personal references. Always check the professional’s credentials before hiring them.

Am I financially equipped?

A happy and healthy pet receives nutritious meal, regular mental and physical exercise, veterinary care and grooming. Additional expenses like a pet bed, toys, accessories can add up over a period of time, so plan for these additional expenses.

What breed should I get?

Research the breeds you are interested in whether Indian Pariah dogs or Pedigree – their temperament, activity level, grooming requirements, health issues, etc. This will help you decide on a pet that you can commit religiously. Cuteness and looks of a dog cannot be the only parameter.

Should I adopt or buy a pet?

With the increasing abandonment issues, there are many dogs out there in animal shelters looking for a home.  A professional Canine Behaviourist can help you with Temperament Testing to identify the right pet for you to whom you can provide the required time, money, training, exercise and health care. It is always good to know what you are getting into and whether you can commit for that rather than being surprised and that dog going back to shelter or just hopping different homes.


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