Almost all our precious water goes down the drain

It’s a misconception that water helps achieve better hygiene in urinals. Bacteria depend on water for survival. Using water in urinals provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and the toilets smell very bad.

Waterless Urinals use a trap to send waste down the drain and not let odor escape into the air. While they require no special regular or cleaning, the trap needs to be replaced regularly. This concept has very little success in India as

  • replacing conventional urinals with water-less ones is expensive (Rs 18,000 per unit + plumbing and masonry)
  • lack of awareness among users makes maintenance almost impossible, especially in public places.

Odo-Rite is a simple solution to help you conserve water and keep your toilets smelling good. Odo-Rite eliminates odor by converting the urea and uric acid in waste to odorless nitrogen. It is also close to neutral PH and can be used in variety of surfaces.

You can buy Odo-Rite online for both home use and in a larger pack for enterprises.