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Why going back to the 19th century is better for your baby and the environment?

Wondering what are we talking about? Well, it is about diapers and their effects on the child and the environment. A few weeks back, we had posted the essential points and the challenges of disposable diapers. Today we will be doing an all-round analysis of cloth diapers.

Advantages of cloth diapers:

  1. They are reusable. Washing them is not big of a task; all you need to do is empty the diaper and throw it in the washing machine.
  2. They are quite an environment-friendly solution when compared to the landfill caused by disposable diapers.
  3. They have a one-time purchase requirement, saving parent’s from buying bags and bags of disposable diapers.
  4. It gives more breathability to the baby’s nether regions when compared to disposable diapers.

Now, on to the disadvantages of Cloth diapers:

  1. By constant reusing of cloth diapers, babies tender skin becomes quite rough and prone to rashes.
  2. Every cloth diaper differs in terms of the fibres, the cover cloth, and so on.
  3. The diaper inserts are also made of different type of materials like hemp, bamboo, microfibers, and so on. Absorbency factor depends upon the type of material used in the insert.
  4. It becomes quite leaky due to constant reuse and soils both the child and the bed.
  5. When the baby is cleaned continuously with soap and water, then it affects the child’s health
  6. You have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the ‘T’ to extract the maximum efficacy of the cloth diapers.
  7. Sometimes, removing the smell will be quite a headache.

However, be it cloth or disposable diapers, they are both harmful to the children. Recently, a study conducted by an American university has found out that babies wearing diapers for more prolonged periods affects their gait. It also impairs the motor development of the child.

The study studied three segments of children within the following environment:

  1. The baby was naked
  2. The baby was wearing a thin, disposable diaper and
  3. Another baby is wearing a cloth diaper.

The naked baby was able to walk with its natural gait, whereas the other two had a very noticeable difference in gait. The babies wearing a diaper had a noticeable gap between the thighs and were prone more to fall.

This difference was attributed to the heaviness of the cloth and disposable diaper hanging from the baby’s hip. The weight causes swinging and tip the child off balance. Many researcher’s advice that is going back to the 19th century of parenting of babies is beneficial for the child.

Choosing a cloth or disposable diaper is the personal choice of parents. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons of both diapers, along with 19th-century parenting techniques.

Diaper or no diaper, having baby poop smell in the house is not pleasant. Use a safe, non-toxic and environment-friendly solution Odo-Rite to drive the smell away.

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Big dog vs Small dog

Dogs are a man’s most faithful companion since the start of human civilization. There are many big dog and small dog breeds for a person to choose from. Nevertheless, choosing and keeping a pet is a huge responsibility. That being said, one should understand the differences between dogs especially big and small dogs, their temperament, their habits and so on.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right pet:

Size and location of home:

A big dog can live in an apartment or a small house provided they have enough space to roam around outside the house. Some breeds are known for their rippling energy that requires you to take them around for walks frequently. In case, your home has parks nearby; then a big dog would be the right choice. Small dogs do not require that much space and can exercise their limbs inside the house. A short walk would be enough for smaller breeds.

Energy and health:

When looking for the pet, an individual should consider their energy levels as well as the dog. This helps in choosing the right pet. The factors of training them, playing them or scooping them up, have to be taken into account. If you are a person having health restrictions or of limited physical capacity, then a smaller dog breed is a good option. At the same time, one needs to consider the big dog breeds can make living more functional and easier for differently-abled individuals. Training both small and big dog breeds is quite a challenge. Each breed comes with its own kind of trials. However, training and caring for a bigger dog requires more productivity than a smaller one.

To serve and protect:

Most often, the reason a person goes for a pet is to protect their home on their behalf. Dogs are known for impulsively safeguard their territory and pack (including you and your family). Both big and small dogs are good watchdogs. While the small dogs bark and alert the surroundings, they can be easily captured as well. Whereas for the big dog breeds, one look is enough to raise hackles of the intruder.

Trivia! Some small dog breeds are known to think and act beyond their size.

Family and work:

Before deciding on the size of the dog, you should consider the family members. If there are children in the house, they may get scared of a big dog and find smaller breed more suitable. Even though puppies may look adorable, you need to consider their full-grown size before adopting a pet.

If you are on the constant move, due to pet, then finding a rental space could be quite difficult. Having a pet would definitely complicate things. Choose a pet that would also suit your relocation requirements.

 As a responsible pet owner, it is essential for you to consider all the above-detailed factors into consideration. Choose the right dog size that is a good fit for you, your family, personal and physical capabilities.

If you have some more questions regarding pets and pet care call us @ 73387 46646.

Keeping your clean kitchen – Quick tips and tricks!

Kitchen is the one place at home that withstands most of the traffic. Let it be friendly arguments over food or with food; the kitchen is our go-to place. Often, due to various reasons, we tend to put away the cleaning of the kitchen and go to bed. Come morning; we wake up to the disaster and the smell that stays with us the whole day, no matter what.

All said and done, here are some easy and quick tips that help you to keep your kitchen clean:

Be stingy:

Most individuals face this problem of organizing the dishes as they cook. It is because their kitchen counter is lined with appliances, kid’s homework and what not. Keeping too much on counters will lead to utter chaos. Store away the appliances in cabinets and use them when required. Removing the appliances will keep your kitchen clean and free from mess. It also gives you enough space for prep work like placing the vegetables, cutting, marinating and so on.

Be proactive:

Most often, we loiter around the kitchen while waiting for things to heat up. Use that gap wisely, for example, if you are waiting around for water to boil, then start putting away the utensils, wiping the counters or organizing the cabinet. You will be amazed at the amount of work you get done between cooking time. At the same time, put away things back in their places as soon as you are finished them.

A clean slate:

One of the best ways to cook effortlessly is to keep your kitchen clean. Start with a clean slate and don’t cook till you have cleaned the kitchen. Abiding by this rule will keep you in a happy mood. If you start cooking without cleaning the space, eventually you will get depressed and grumpy. A neat kitchen will motivate you to keep it spotless all the time.

Keep a schedule:

Often, we put away cleaning refrigerators or stove to later times. This leads to dirt and grime buildup and is one of the primary reasons for a work pile up. Maintain a schedule or a list of days that warrant a cleaning of major appliances or cabinets in the kitchen. Even allotting a schedule for chores is also a great alternative. For example, wiping off the counter and the kitchen island after finishing lunch or dinner.

Clean up ASAP:

Spilling and breakage are common occurrences in a kitchen. Mainly oil and milk spills are one of the significant problems. Wipe them off immediately with a washcloth or wipe to keep your kitchen clean. In reality, if the mess is sorted out when it is wet, it is quite easy to clean. Dried up stains needed to be soaked or scraped before wiping. Their smell is also quite hard to remove.

Here is a tip! Throw the food scraps into a dedicated compost bowl that makes cleaning easier. It also functions as a fertilizer for your plants.

In the same manner, spray your kitchen with a safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable room freshener like Odo-rite after the cleaning. It wipes away those strong fragrances like meat or milk and will keep your kitchen clean and fresh. Call us @ 73387 46646 to know more about Odo-rite and its benefits.

Home pets- Presence is lovable; the smell isn’t!

Having a furry friend as a companion is a wonderful experience, but there is a small hitch that every dog owner faces; their pet’s smell. Often, it gives the feeling that your home has become a makeshift kennel. Fortunately, removing the foul odor is not an impossible task albeit an easy one if you follow these tips

Caution! Before plunging into these tips, ensure that the products you use to remove the foul odor are dog-friendly. Since the chemicals that are fine for humans are not for dogs. Use products that are safe.environmentally safe, and  non-toxic

Now let’s get on to the ways of removing your dog’s odor:

#1 Wash frequently:

It is prudent to clean your dog’s kennel or bed at least once a week. If you are using the bed, use a dog bed wash to clean the bed as the fabric retains the odor. This retained odor transforms into a foul odor as days go by and your home will never smell fresh.

Home tip! Leave baking soda overnight and wash your pet’s bed the next day with dog bed wash liquid or detergent to eradicate the foul odor completely.

#2 Clean the furniture:

Often our pet becomes our cushion to snuggle, and this means no space in your home is safe from the ‘doggy smell.’ You need to regularly clean the furniture with a vacuum to get rid of hair and foul odor. At the same time, remove the covers and wash them in high heat to kill the bacteria.

Tip! Never forget to clean under the furniture as well.

#3 Regular grooming:

Regularly grooming your dog will help in reducing the spread of foul odor. But, it is essential to remember that only grooming the pet will not get the job done. At the same time, don’t bathe your pet very often as it will lead to skin dryness.

Tip! Most dog breeds, a monthly clean with a professional groomer is enough.

#4 Deodorize the carpets:

One of the preferred ways to deodorize your carpets would be by sprinkling baking soda and leaving it overnight. However, if your pet is not home-trained, you need to use a stronger cleaner to keep the area smelling fresh and clean. Use natural, eco-friendly safe products to remove the foul odor.  Another way to remove the odor would be through the removal of carpets. It also helps in getting rid of allergens that are trapped in the carpet fibers.

Tip! If you need to do a quick wash, then use a cup of Odo-rite kennel wash for efficient removal of the odor.

#5 Dirty paws at the door:

After playtime, it is a common occurrence to see muddy paws everywhere. Use washable mats both inside and outside the house to cut down on the dirt. Alternatively, you can also use pet wet wipes to wipe off the mud of the paws.

Fill your home with your pet’s lovable presence, not with their smell. Call us @ 73387 46646 to know more about Odo-rite’s pet care products and how safe it is for your pet.





How many hours a diaper can be used for babies?

Many new parents are often faced with this dilemma when it comes to changing diapers for new-born and toddlers. It often becomes hard to gauge for how long can a baby wear a diaper at night as every child is unique.

During the day, one can quickly assess the diaper usage of the baby. But at night, the issue becomes slightly complicated as the sleep factor is involved. Newborn babies have minimal activities during their first few months of which passing urine and stool are first on the list. He/she will wet the bed frequently and has to be continuously monitored.

One of the preferred option of mothers these days are disposable diapers. They offer many advantages when compared to the use of cloth diapers. However, every parent is faced with this question of how many hours a diaper can be used and how to vanquish the smell.

When using diapers for babies, there are specific points to be kept in mind:

  1. Ensure that your baby’s skin does not show any adverse effects like rashes, redness, etc between diaper changes.
  2. Disposable diapers soak more liquid, hence are prone to spreading the bad smell around. This smell creates a disturbance to the infant’s developing sense of smell.
  3. Change diapers in frequent intervals like every two or three hours as extended periods can damage a baby’s sensitive skin.
  4. If the baby has passed stool, it is important that the diaper is changed immediately.
  5. Strap a fresh diaper before putting the infant to sleep during night time as it helps them sleep comfortably.
  6. Keep a standard night routine as it helps you to calculate after how many hours diaper should be changed?
  7. Apply Vaseline jelly on your infant’s butt cheek and then strap the diaper — this aids in avoiding rashes, skin burns and redness.
  8. Keeping diapers in easily accessible places will help in changing your baby with ease.
  9. It is advisable to keep extra diapers when traveling.

Challenges of disposable diapers:

One of the annoying problems parents face is the smell of wet diapers. Eradicating this smell often proves to be a challenge as toxic room fresheners are not suitable for the child. It is recommended to use bio-degradable, non-toxic room fresheners like Odo-rite after changing your baby’s diaper to vanquish the smell.

Odo-rite is a natural microbiological product without alcohol and other harmful chemicals detrimental to health. It completely removes the smell and is an eco-friendly product.

Call us  @ 73387 46646 to know more about Odo-rite and its benefits.