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Is your Vacuum Cleaner making the home foul smell?

The vacuum cleaner is supposed to help you keep your home clean and hygienic. But what if the vacuum cleaner makes your home smell?

There are times when there is a foul smell coming from the vacuum cleaner when we use it. Smells are caused due to the growth of microorganisms in the collection bag and filters. Most modern vacuum cleaners don’t use disposable paper bags and instead use a collection bag cum dust filter that has to be periodically cleaned.

Remove the collection bag / dust filters and soak it in water. Add 40 ml of Odo-Rite Floor cleaner. Rinse off and dry the collection bag / filter.

Now you are all set to clean your home with vaccum cleaner without the bother of smells from it.

Odo-Rite Floor Wash cleans without leaving behind the characteristic wet mop odor. For best results spray Odo-Rite air freshener in the collection bag / filter after each use of the vacuum cleaner.

Odo-Rite does not use disinfectants or strong chemicals. Odo-Rite is safe for you and the environment.

Manage bird droppings in high raise apartments

People living in high-rise apartment flocked by pigeons have a problem with their droppings. The stench is not only over powering but also a health hazard.

Veterinary microbiologists now caution that the numerous pathogens in bird droppings are a cause for disease.

Wild birds usually carry more disease than companion birds. Humans coming in skin contact with the bird droppings or even inhaling the gases produced by bird droppings are vulnerable to catch disease. Birds excrete nitrogenous waste from bloodstream as uric acid along with faeces. This leads to generation of ammonia gas, which we encounter as smell.

The problem with bird droppings in not only the smell, but the faecal ammonia can cause irritation and respiratory disorders.

Until now, the only way to get rid of smells from bird droppings has been to scrub them clean. But that introduces the risk of skin contact and toxic inhalation.

Odo-Rite easily solves the problem of pigeon and other bird droppings outside your high-rise apartment window. Simply mix Odo-Rite floor cleaner with 1 litre of water and gently mob on dropping areas and the smells are gone. As abundant caution, please use disposable gloves and masks if you need to get close to the affected area.

Odo-rite floor cleaner

Odo-Rite Floor Cleaner

Odo-Rite floor cleaner is completely safe and contains all natural ingredients, which spreads the surface with millions of safe, healthy microbial ingredient that removes harmful pathogens. These tiny workers in Odo-Rite floor cleaner continue the action of deodorizing for up to 3 days, unlike traditional cleaners which stop working once they are dry.



  • Economical and Highly Concentrated
  • Deep action cleaning as it penetrates even to microscopic pores
  • Removes Biofilm, dirt and stains
  • Completely removes the odor
  • Contains no harsh chemicals and Safe for people, pets and the environment

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Eliminate Shoe Smells without Washing

When sweat causes shoe smells, Odo-Rite removes them. Unlike other fragrance sprays, Odo-Rite does not mask smells, it eliminates them.

How Odo-Rite Works?
Odo-rite is a water based microbiology product and contains all natural ingredients. It doesn’t just mask the odor but it eliminates the odor at its source. As surprising as it is, this natural air freshener by its unique microbial composition decomposes the waste organically and releases neutral gases. So, it works as an effective shoe odor remover

Odo-Rite removes odors not only from shoes and boots but also from gym gear, gym bags, gym lockers, and shoe racks etc.
Odo-Rite is safe to use on all types of fabrics – PU, Leather, Canvas, Denim etc. Odo-Rite is water based and is not expected to leave any residue or stains. ODO-RITE is chemical free and has all natural ingredients. It is safe for homes, children, pets and environment too.

How to Use?
Simply spray 5-6 times inside your shoes or into the area causing smells. Leave it to dry. If needed repeat until smells are gone. Use regularly, so that smells don’t come back.

Odo-Rite changes the way your world smells. Smell only what you love.

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Tips for keeping a pet friendly home : clean and odor-free

A pet will always bring love and affection to your home, but the downside is, it will also fill your home with fur, unpleasant odors and lots of mess. Homes with dogs have more bacteria and more types of bacteria in them than homes without dogs. But it is still possible to keep your home clean and odor-free.

Two big challenges for pet homes are dog fur and toilet accidents. Pet fur everywhere is inevitable, but this can be avoided by using correct choice of fabric for couches and frequent vacuum cleaning.

How to manage pet toilet accidents?

Toilet accidents or house breaking is a bigger challenge. Always spot-clean the messes soon after the incident, with cloth or a paper towel to get the bulk of the solids or liquids up. Then use a washcloth to wipe clean and to dilute the offending material with liberal amounts of water. After the moisture evaporates you need something that won’t just mask the odor, but should neutralize the organic materials that are the source of smell.

How to remove odor naturally?

Odo-Rite is a natural odour removal product recommended by vets and animal care professionals. Odo-Rite uses biotechnology to literally consume most types of decaying organic materials including urine, feces, vomit, sweat that causes smells in pet homes. It works safely and effectively on carpet, wood, tile, plastic, fabric and all types of floors. There is no rubbing or scrubbing or mopping up required after applying Odo-Rite. Just Spray and walk away. For best results, spray the entire affected area in 2 – 4 hour intervals the first day (depending on the extent, source and age of the contamination) and 3 – 5 hour intervals the second day. On the third day, spray the contaminated area if you continue to smell odors.

If you have an odor problem, we will guarantee that Odo-Rite will provide the solution, no matter how long the odour has been in that location. Unlike other products, Odo-Rite does not cover up or mask odors. Odo-Rite destroys and removes the source of the odors. Usually only recontamination would cause the odors to return.

Odo-Rite contains all natural ingredients and is chemical free, water based, bio-degradable and safe for you, your pets and the environment.

How to get Odo-Rite?

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Cleaning, Disinfecting & keeping your home naturally smell free – What’s the difference?


Cleaning uses water and soap to remove dust and grime on surfaces. While cleaning makes your home look nice, it doesn’t necessarily get the job done. Many times we walk into a bathroom that looks clean but is stinking.


Disinfecting kills germs on the surface of objects. Germs are microbes that come in four main types:

    1. bacteria
    2. viruses
    3. fungi and
    4. protozoa.

Germs live both inside and outside the human body. While some thrive in places like your gut and help with healthy digestion, others exist on your skin or other surfaces and are passed around constantly. There are many good germs that help our bodies stay in balance and actually work to build our immune systems. However, the bad germs tend to be very bad and are the cause for illnesses like the flu. Unfortunately disinfectants can’t distinguish between the beneficial bacteria and the pathogenic ones. Abuse of disinfectants in our daily lives, leaves us with lower immunity to diseases and contributes to growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

What does cleaning & disinfection got to do keeping smells away?

There is smell when there is organic waste that is being degraded by bacterial action. This can be from food, human waste etc. Bacterial action on waste causes generation of gases like ammonia that we encounter as smell.

When we clean bathrooms, it is not possible that all nooks and corners are free of organic waste. While we may not see this waste, bacteria can find them and it starts smelling. Disinfectants try to solve this problem by killing all germs – but it is temporary as a new wave of germs populate the surfaces and the smells return.

How does Odo-Rite work?

As mentioned above, most germs are harmless and in fact help maintain our health and immunity. Odo-Rite is a formulation made from harmless bacteria that act on organic waste without generating smelly gases. Odo-Rite is chemical free, water based and safe for you & the environment. Clean your home as you would do normally (using water & soap) and spray Odo-Rite where you expect smells to come from. You now have a home that is clean, safe and smell free. Odo-Rite works as natural room freshener / deodorizer.

How to get Odo-Rite?

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Caution:– It is better to cut the frequent usage of disinfectant to build the overall immunity for all your family members.